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Apr 17-18, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Jeanie Auyeung

I have read a testimony sometime ago. It was about a brother named Randy who was stranded in the desert and how he experienced God’s help in an unexpected way.

While on a two-year trip around the world in a Volkswagen camper, Rendy was stranded in the Sahara Desert for several days. The Hoggar is an area in Algeria where the Sahara stretches; it is a harsh landscape. The punishing terrain caused two shock absorbers in the camper to explode simultaneously, breaking the chassis. After sitting for three days, he saw a traveler pull up behind him in a small van. On the roof of his vehicle, he had some welding equipment. Unfortunately, neither the traveler nor he knew how to weld, and he had no welding rod. Randy prayed and then remembered the steel coat hangers he had packed away. With a torch on one and and a coat hanger in the other, he climbed under the camper and somehow managed to weld the broken chassis back in place.

What touches me about this is that Randy discovered the man with the welding outfit had started his journey in the desert long after his own, but before his crisis had occurred. This reminded him of the word of God in Isaiah 65:24. The Lord says, “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

Years ago, I heard a missionary couple from Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) shared their experiences in the mission field. The missionary met an old man there. What surprised him was that the old man told him, God had promised to send someone to tell them about Him 15 years ago while he was still a teenager, he did not know God would send him to Upper Volta in 15 years. More amazing is his wife shared that God told her to bring a wedding gown before she left for the mission field, while she met her husband there later.
There have been countless times I have seen God’s presence and help in my life. We never know what crisis or difficulties might lie ahead or what will happen in front of us. But by faith, we can know that God is on the way even before we call. Let us put our trust in Him. No matter what difficulty we will face, God is in it with us.


Apr 17-18, 2021

曾讀到一位弟兄名叫Randy的見證,分享他在駕著野營車環遊世界時的一次被困於撒哈拉沙漠的經歷。當他正在沿著霍加爾路徑,在阿爾及利亞橫越撒哈拉沙漠時,那段路徑極為崎嶇不平,在路上駕車簡直就像在火車軌上奔馳。嚴峻的路面狀況令野營車的兩個減震器同時爆裂,擊破了車的底盤,他被困在那裡足足三天。其後,一輛小貨車在他的車後停下來,貨車的車頂上竟然有一套完備的接焊工具。可是,那人 和他自己也不懂得接焊(燒焊),也沒有接焊棒。Randy便禱告,然後他記起,在行李箱中有一個鋼鐵制的衣架。他在毫無經驗下拿著電筒和衣架趴在車底,左弄右弄的竟把爆裂的車底焊接上,車子便能開動了。

Randy在後來才知道,令他很受感動的是,自己已進入沙漠很久,那帶著接焊工具的人是在他發生意外之後才起行的,卻在他需要幫助時及時遇上。這事令他想起聖經的話:“他們尚未求告,我就應允;正說話的時候,我就垂聽。” (賽65:24)

在我就讀神學院時,聽到一對前往非洲宣教的夫婦分享。夫婦二人分別在不同地方到上沃爾特(現稱Burkina Faso)宣教,並在宣教工場認識。奇妙的是,神卻在這位姊妹在出發到工場前指示她,要帶同婚紗到上沃爾特,在其後遇到弟兄,並成為她的丈夫。她丈夫也分向見證:在工場曾接觸一位長者,這位長者對他說:“我知道你會來,因為在15年前,神已告訴我,祂會差派一個人來,教導他們認識神的話。”。令他十分驚奇的是,原來在15年前,在他還是青少年時期,對自己前途一無所知的時候,神已早有計劃。


How marvellous is God became flesh!

Dec 19-20, 2020
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Jeanie Auyeung

Due to the epidemic, this year is ushering in a different Christmas! There are no large celebrations or carnival balls. But there are angels reporting the great joyful message – the birth of the Lord Christ. This brings joy to people.

Paul described the joyous message: “The mystery of godliness is so great, it is recognized by everyone, that is: “He appeared in the flesh, was justified in the Holy Spirit, and was seen by angels; he was preached to the nations, convinced by the world, and received in glory. “(1 Timothy 3:16). Whenever I read this verse, I stand in awe!

God appears in the flesh,

The description “It’s so great” or “Great indeed,” –(ESV), which means it is very, very great! “God became flesh”-it is absolutely incredible that God, who is omnipresent and absolutely not constrained, was restricted by flesh! How could the almighty and authoritative God desire to be with the filthy and unworthy humans who refused to accept Him like us? Just because of his love! This is a fact that is absolutely incomprehensible according to the normal way of seeing things. What love is this? The love of God is beyond all our understanding, It is His “unexplainable love”! Love that is —

– Incomprehensible love: He came in rejection (John 1:10 “the world did not recognize him”)

– Unbelievable love: He came to die (John 1:11 “his own did not receive him”)

– Unexplainable love: He came in sacrifice (Philippians 2:7-8 taking the very nature of a servant… humble Himself and became obedient to death”)!

The omnipotent God, who is beyond time and space, ruler of hundreds of billions of galaxies and the universe, has become flesh in order to redeem us. He was trapped in the flesh and became so limited. Just because of His love to us! Who is worthy of His love?

Here are three hymns that deeply touch my heart every time I sing them:

1. O Holy Night

“Long lay the world in sin and error pining, ‘Til He appears and the soul felt its worth. A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices, For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.”

When people are still in ignorance, and don’t understand the vastness of God’s love, the Holy Child Jesus came incarnate to the world to accomplish salvation for us. He came to restore the value and worth of our lives and bring us eternal hope!

2. ” In Tenderness He Sought Me “

In tenderness He sought me, Weary and sick with sin, And on His shoulders brought me

Back to His fold again. While angels in His presence sang Until the courts of heaven rang. O the love that sought me! O the blood that bought me! O the grace that brought me to the fold, Wondrous grace that brought me to the fold!”

In Luke 15:7; 10, When a person repents and is saved, there is great joy in heaven! This is the most wonderful thing accomplished by the birth of Jesus!

3. Seeking For Me

“Jesus, my Saviour, to Bethlehem came, Born in a manger to sorrow and shame;

Oh, it was wonderful — blest be His name! Seeking for me, for me!”

How incomprehensible this amazing grace is. He has given His own life to find me and save me. He leads me back to his bosom! Why am I worthy of his love? No wonder Paul exclaimed: “It’s great indeed! God appeared in the flesh!”

May we be moved by God’s great love at this Christmas, that we can really enjoy a meaningful Christmas!


Dec 18-19, 2020


保羅形容這大喜的訊息:“敬虔的奧祕真偉大啊,這是眾人所公認的,就是:“他在肉身顯現,在聖靈裡稱義,被天使看見;被傳於列國,被世人信服,被接到榮耀裡。”(提後3:16)– 新譯本。我在每逢讀到這節聖經時,總是被經文所震撼!


上列經文中“真偉大啊”這感嘆詞的英文–“Great indeed,” –(ESV), 意即:實在十分、十分的偉大!“神成為肉身”—那位無所不在,絕對不受約束限制的神,竟然會披上血肉之驅,真的是絕對不可思議的事!全能無上權威的神怎麼會因為愛世上的人,渴望與我們這些極其污穢,極其不配,並且拒絕接受祂的受造之物親近,以致屈就祂自己,限制祂自己去被肉身所拘禁?這實在是按一般人衡量事物的標準絕對無法理解的事實。這是怎麼樣的愛?神的愛是超越人的頭腦所能明白的,正如詩歌所說是“不可說明的愛”! 這愛是:

不可理解的愛 – 在被拒中到來 (約1:10 世界卻不認識祂)
不可思議的愛 – 在殺害中來世 (約1:10 自己的人倒不接待祂)
不可說明的愛 – 在降卑中付出 (腓2:7-8 取奴僕形象, 自己卑微, 死在十架)!

超越時空、掌管數千億銀河系,真正能叱吒風雲的大能主宰,無所不在、無所不能的神,竟然為不值得祂愛的世人道成肉身,甘受約束,在肉身中被制肘– 祂竟然愛我!


1. 阿,聖善夜!
“世人沉淪 全地已罪惡貫盈 直到主來 靈魂自覺寶珍。困倦世人驟獲希望真高興 因為迎接一榮耀新清晨!”



其中這句“此恩激動天使歡唱,甚至歌聲滿天應響。”(路15:7;10) 當人悔改得著主拯救,天上有極大的歡慶!這就是主降生所成就奇妙的事!

3. 主來尋我,尋我



God’s Traffic Light

Aug 29-30, 2020
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Jeanie AuyeungThere are several hard to forget moments in my life, which I call them the “traffic lights” given to me by God.

When I was in Saskatchewan in 1988, on a midsummer night, the temperature in Saskatchewan that year was 40 degrees! I was sleeping in a very hot room, even the electric fan was blowing “hot air”, and I really felt that I could hardly bear the heat.

When I couldn’t sleep, a question suddenly appeared in my heart: When you just set foot in Canada a few months ago, you followed your classmates to a church in Calgary to attend worship and adult Sunday school classes, the pastor of that church invited me to serve there after graduating seminary, but after prayers, God showed me a red light instead of a green light, so I declined their invitation. Now, you also declined the invitation of the Saskatoon Church because it was not God’s leading. I asked myself: “Why did you close the door when the road is opened? How do you go ahead?” Suddenly, my heart sank! God’s comfort came immediately: Peter sank because of the strong wind and waves. The Lord said: “Don’t worry, it’s me, I am here!” Why lack of faith? I immediately opened the Bible to read. Yes, the Lord will go with me all the way, He will lead me!

During the two years of serving as a pastor on a voluntary basis at the Saskatoon Church, God provided everything needed, and I lacked nothing. God has proven to me He is faithful. God also used a hymn: “God, you are in control” to speak to me: “God you are in charge, in time and space, and everything is in your hand!” I continued in singing and submitted myself to God: “God, my life is in your hand, God, I know You will prepare for me, no matter gain or loss, I just want you to guide me!”

Two years later, just as I was about to leave Saskatoon Church and return to Prairie Bible Seminary to continue studies, several churches sent me invitations. I prayed but God’s leading for all the invitations were red lights instead of green. Not long after I returned to my study, I received a phone call from RCAC inviting me to serve at their church, but I turned it down at first, because God gave me the green light to continue my study. There is no shadow of changing in Him. Later, the church called me again, saying that I would not come to serve until I graduated, so I prayed seriously for this. Finally, after much prayer, I saw the green light that God would allow me, and so I accepted the invitation then. Times flies, it has been so many years since I am learning to serve God in this church!

To recall the Bible verse of God’s calling in my life: “I did not prove disobedient to the heavenly vision.” God’s calling is still clear in my heart. God did not give me the blueprint for my whole life, but He always leads me step by step. As the hymn says:
“Then trust in God through all thy days;
Fear not, for He doth hold thy hand;
Though dark thy way, still sing and praise,
Sometime, sometime, we’ll understand”

This is what I have learned from my walk with God these past years: just rely on the Lord the rest of my life, the Lord is always faithful. Although there are many things that are still unclear, I can be at ease. Even if I cannot understand everything in this life, I will wait until the day l stand in front of God’s throne, then all things will be clear.


Aug 29-30, 2020








Oct 5-6, 2019



每讀到主耶穌的話也感到扎心:「我又告訴你們,凡人所說的閒話,當審判的日子,必要句句供出來;因為要憑你的話定你為義,也要憑你的話定你有罪。」(太12: 36-37)。

聖經又說:「年輕人哪!你在幼年時要快樂,在壯年的日子,要使你的心歡暢;順著你心所願的,眼所見的去行。不過,你要知道,為了這一切事,神必審問你。」(傳11:9-10-新譯本) 。經文特別提醒年輕人,因為在人生經驗未足時,我們較容易憑著感受,衝動地做出一些,在將來想起或會後悔的事。可是經文也提醒成年人–「所以你當從心中除掉愁煩,從肉體克去邪惡」,「因為無論是幼年或是壯年,都是虛空的。」「從肉體克去邪惡」意即–要對付肉體中的邪情私慾,除去那些會被神審問的慾念,免得我們得罪神。所以你當除掉心中的煩惱,除去肉體的疾苦,因為無論是幼年或是壯年,都是虛空的。



人的所言所行,做有如拋出去的回力鏢,始終會回到自己那裡,即使今生未見,將來神也會問我們。所以,當詩人大衛在明白我們一切的心思意念、言語行為到在神的鑒察底下時,他發出的禱告是:「神啊!求你鑒察我,知道我的心思;試驗我,知道我的意念。看看我裡面有甚麼惡行沒有,引導我走永恆的道路。」(詩139:24-25-新譯本) 。



Jul 27-28, 2019









May 25-26, 2019







「為主擺上 必不落空」

March 30-31, 2019




傳道書提醒我們:「看風的,不撒種;觀雲的,不收割… 早晨要撒你的種,直到黃昏也不要歇手;因為你不知道那一樣種得成… 」(傳11:4-6《新譯本》)