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In His time (1): appointed time vs appropriate time


From the Pastor’s Desk: Rev. Simon Lee

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

In His time, in His time,
He makes all things beautiful in His time.
Lord, please show me every day,
as You’re teaching me Your way,
that You do just what You say, in Your time.

The lovely song, “In His time,” was written in 1978 by Diane Ball, when she was a busy mother of 4 children ages 10-14, trying to juggle many things in her life. She was a camp director of a conference center in northern California. On one occasion she was behind in attending her scheduled luncheon speaking engagement which was to start at noon, all because her husband was busy till 11 am. Being a perfectionist, she was furious and asked God to give her peace. The words of Ecclesiastes 3:11 came to her” “He makes all things beautiful – in His time.” Amazingly she was able to finish writing the song before she arrived. Not only that, the luncheon was also delayed, and she and her family arrived just in time … in His time!

I too am a planner and a very impatient person, and I often get very frustrated when things do not go according to plan for no reason. This song reminds me that we need to trust God’s timing for when things seem to go wrong, and we are anxious and frustrated. For nearly two years during the COVID pandemic, my patience has been pushed to the limit so many times. Most recently the test comes in the plan and the timing for “Return to Church” for worship. We keep having to adjust our plans for the last three months, up until announcement time. I am learning that while it is true that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail; it is also equally true that while we, as humans, plan it is God who brings realization of our plan, in His time. It is a hard lesson!

Re-examining the text from which this song come from (Ecclesiastes 3:1-13), I would like to share some thoughts I have been able to glean from the passage. First of all, the main theme is set out in the first verse:

For everything there is a season,

and a time for every matter under heaven. (ESV)

You may be interested to note according to biblical scholars, verse 1 is arranged in an ABB’A’ chiasm, which simply mean parallel elements are arranged like a mirror. Verse 1 is arranged as:

“for everything” (A); “a season” (Hb. zeman) (B);

a time” (B’) (Hb. ‘et); “for every matter” (A’).

The terms “season” and “time” are parallel. In light of the parallelism with “every matter”, the term “everything” must refer to every event or situation in life. The NET Bible translate the verse as:

For everything there is an appointed time,

and an appropriate time for every activity on earth. (NET)

Exploring further in Scriptures, “a season” (Hb. zeman) or “an appointed (designated) time” was used in the context of the appointed or designated time for the Jewish feasts (Esth. 9:27, 31) or the length of time (duration) for Nehemiah set for his absence from Susa (Neh. 2:6). The word is related to the noun for “plan or intention” (Job 17:11) and the noun for “purpose, plan, project” as in “the purpose of God” (Job 42:2; Jer. 23:20; 30:24; 51:11) and man’s plan (Isa. 5:12).

Also, “a time” (Hb. ‘et, a point in time) or “an appropriate time” has a two-fold range of meanings: (1) time of an event) and (2) time for an event. The latter has a range of usage such as ‘the usual time’, “the proper, suitable or appropriate time”, “an uncertain time” (Eccl. 9:11), as for example, “the time for rain” (Ezra 10:13); “the time for harvest.” (Hos. 2:11; Ps 104:27)

From the context of Ecclesiastes 3, I believe the thesis of Eccl. 3:1 may be understood as “There is an appointed time (from God) for everything, and “an appropriate time” (for man or woman to act accordingly) in (his or her) every activity (desire or delight). Simply put, in everything, God has His appointed time, and it will be done in an appropriate time (sovereignly through His human agent).

Rev. Warren Wiersbe summarizes the theme this way:

In fourteen statements, Solomon affirmed that God is at work in our individual lives, seeking to accomplish His will. All of these events come from God, and they are good in their time. The inference is plain: If we cooperate with God’s timing, life will not be meaningless. Everything will be “beautiful in his time” (v. 11), even the most difficult experiences of life.

In His time, in His time,
He makes all things beautiful in His time.    (To be continued)

Your servant in Christ,

Rev. Simon Lee

“按祂時候(1): 定時與適時”


作者: 李耀全牧師


祂做事有定時                        In His time, in His time,
按祂時候能成就美好事        He makes all things beautiful in His time.
主求你每日指示                    Lord, please show me every day,
教我明白你心思                    as You’re teaching me Your way,
我願遵行你旨意等候你        that You do just what you say, in Your time.

以上這首膾炙人口的美麗詩歌:“按祂時候”是由黛安·鮑爾(Diane Ball)於1978年所創作的。黛安是北加州一個會議中心營地的主任,亦是一位有4個10至14歲孩子繁忙的母親,故此她經常要在處理生活與工作上的大小事情而疲於奔命。一次,她原定於正午開始的午餐會中擔任演講,卻因為她丈夫一直忙至上午11時而令她幾乎趕不上時間。身為一個完美主義者,她感到非常憤怒,並祈求神賜下內心的平安。傳道書3:11的話當時出現在她腦際間:“ 祂使萬事各按其時,成為美好”。令人驚嘆的是,她竟然能在到達會場之前完成這首詩歌的創作。不僅如此,午餐會也因其他原因而延遲開始,她和她的家人得以及時到達……按祂時候!


在我重新細察這首歌的經文出處時(傳道書 3:1-13),我想分享一些我從這段經文中的思維拾穗。首先,詩歌主旨是在第一節:

天下萬事都有定期,(凡事)都有上帝特定的時間。 (參照:現代中文譯本)

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. (ESV)

有趣的是聖經學者指出,第 1 節是按ABB’A’ 對稱結構的交叉次序排列, 如下:

“一切事情” (A); 一個定期” (B)原文: zeman

一個時刻 B’)(原文: ét;“每一件事”(A’)。

在此“定期”和“特定的時間”的句語是平行的。按照與“一切事情”的平行關係,“每一件事”一詞必須是指生活中的事件和情況。 NET(聖經新英文譯本)將這節經文翻譯為:


For everything there is an appointed time,

And an appropriate time for every activity on earth.(NET)

從聖經別處來看,“一個定期”(原文: zeman) 或“指定的 (特定的)時間”用於特定或猶太節日的指定時間(斯9:27, 31)或較長時段(持續時間)如:尼希米不在書珊城中的時間(尼2:6)。這個詞與“計劃或意圖”的名詞(伯 17:11)與“目的、計劃、方案”有關,如“上帝的旨意”(伯42:2;耶23:20;30:24;51:11)和人的計劃(賽5:12)。

此外,“時間”(原文:‘et,一個時間點)或“適當的時間”具有雙重含義:一般指(1)事件的時間/一個時間點)和另特指(2)事件的時段/時機。後者有一系列的用法,例如“通常的時間”、“適當的、合適的或恰當的時間”、“不確定的時段”(傳 9:11),例如“下雨的時候”(拉10:13); “收割的時候。”(何 2:11;詩篇 104;27)

簡而言之,筆者認為從傳道書3章的上下文來看,傳3:1的論點,可以理解為凡事都有指定的時間(來自上帝),以及祂對每樣事情(勿論人的慾望或喜悅是甚麼)的適當時間(故此人該也相應地按照神的時間行事)。 換言之,凡事神有定時,而在適時成就 (透過神主權的安排)。

聖經教師及作家Warren Wiersbe牧師為上述主題作以下總結:

祂做事有定時 ,





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Return to Church – Experiencing God’s Presence In Person

Sep 11-12, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Mark Liu

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

It is by God’s Grace that I have the opportunity to use this forum to share my thought.

In my last sharing, I share with you about the essence in God’s creation, that is, the importance is not creation itself but the purpose of creation.   Because we see wisdom through the purpose of creation. This wisdom is God Himself. He created everything in order and there is a purpose behind creation, not a random formation, but there is wisdom behind.

In the entire creation, human creation is perceived as the prime of the entire creation. However, I am curious about how the Bible describes the seventh day, because the Bible says that God has rested. Why would God need rest? What does it mean to rest? In our understanding, resting means the one is tired. If God is tired, it means that God is limited because He can be tired. Is that true?

It turns out that in the Bible, “rested” represents presence. In other words, when all creations have been created, God chooses to be with the creations at this time. This is the meaning of “rested” in the Bible. It is not that God is tired, but that God chooses to be with us. The presence of God marks the beginning of all creation to operate according to the original intent of creation. In other words, the presence of God is the beginning of everything. Every time we think about creation, the last day is when God rests. In fact, the seventh day, the day God rests is the beginning of everything, because God chooses to be with all creation, and all creation begins to function accordingly.

If we look at it this way, then we understand the true meaning of Sabbath.  God tells us to keep the Sabbath, not because He wants us to do nothing, but to commemorate God’s presence, to praise God and to enjoy God’s presence. This is worship. Sabbath-keeping is not about doing nothing, but glorifying God and enjoying His presence. Our worship should demonstrate this. Worship itself is not a ritual, but to be with other brothers and sisters to sing and glorify God. Of course, praising and glorifying God does not only happen at a specific time, as there should be a heart of worship at all times. However, we must have time to be separated so that we can enjoy the presence of God. This is the meaning of worship. We are moved and encouraged through the presence of God so that we can continue to live as God’s people in the world.

We are currently working hard to prepare to return to church, with the goal of bringing brothers and sisters together to worship God in person. This kind of worship is needed. Worship helps us remember who we are. We are God’s people, and we are God’s children. The church provides a place for us to enjoy His presence. This is the meaning of returning to church. Worship is not what God needs, but we need. Through worship, we enjoy God’s presence, receive His encouragement and teaching, and then continue to bear witness to His name in the world.

Pastor Mark Liu

重返教會 – 親歷神的臨在

Sep 11-12, 2021









  1. 歡迎您與我們一起敬拜神!因新冠肺炎大流行,自去年3月14/15日起,暫停所有教會聚會,大家可透過 網上收看或收聽崇拜證道。
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  3. 列宣2021會友大會將於2021年10月17日下午2:00在網上Zoom 平台舉行。請預留時間出席。詳情稍後通告。
  4. 重返教會安排
  • 國語崇拜 - 9月11日(本週六)上午9:00繼續在zoom平台進行;9月18日(週六)上午9:00,將試驗實體崇拜並移師到禮堂舉行;
  • 週六青崇AYAYA - 9月18日| 7:00pm| 200室,將試驗實體崇拜;
  • 粵語崇拜 - 由於需要作技術測試,925日及26日之週六及主日午堂崇拜仍在Zoom 平台進行,敬希垂注。
  • 英語崇拜 - 定於10月3日返回教會禮堂實體崇拜。


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  5. 「匯」23主題是「回到神的殿敬拜?!」,盼望弟兄姊妹踴躍投稿,10月31日截稿。
  6. 本週六準時7:00pmAYAYA Online 會上載於教會網站,歡迎弟兄姊妹任何時間 參與我們的網上崇拜。本週講題:我愛耶和華!我要向祂還願!經文:詩篇 116篇,講員:陳榮基傳道 。
  7. 週六及主日粵語網上Zoom 平台崇拜分別於週六及主日11:00am開始,Zoom ID 及密碼於週五透過電郵連同崇拜週刊發送給會眾,或請聯絡辦公室索取。
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  9. 每週崇拜週刊,請瀏覽www.rcac.ca查閱有關連結 – 家訊教牧心聲等。


  1. 二零二一年九月十八日及十九日 崇拜講員:陳榮基傳道(週六青崇)、 周力行牧師(週六、主日粵語)、劉展權傳道(週六國語)、張志成牧師(主日英語)。
  1. 身體不適肢體:李慕慈、鄧陳有、劉黃玉蓮、吳葉菁、葉周煥萍、 陳見三、余鄧玉瑤、陳黃雪芳、高唐瑞英。每週二粵語祈禱會我們將更具體為他們代禱。


  1. BC內陸短宣 – 周力行牧師及楊寶賢(Stephen)弟兄於9月10-13日乘飛機前赴BC內陸Trail探望同工和當地的信徒。請代禱。





講題:我愛耶和華 … 我要向祂還我的許的願

1. 感恩的基礎 (1-2)

1 我愛耶和華,因為他聽了我的聲音、我的懇求。

2 因為他留心聽我的懇求,我一生一世要求告他。

2. 感恩的原因 (3-11)

2.1. 死亡邊沿得主拯救 (3-4)

3 死亡的繩索纏繞著我,陰間的痛苦抓住我;我遭遇患難和愁苦。

4 那時,我呼求耶和華的名,說“耶和華啊!求你拯救我。”

2.2. 落到卑微得主憐憫 (5-6)

5 耶和華有恩典,有公義,我們的神滿有憐憫。

6 耶和華保護愚蒙人,我落到卑微的地步,他拯救了我。

2.3. 得拯救後回顧反省 (7-8)

7 我的心哪!你要回復安寧,因為耶和華用厚恩待你。

8  主啊!你救了我的性命脫離死亡,你使我的眼睛不致流淚,使我的雙腳  不致跌倒。

2.4. 試練中仍篤信不移 (9-11)


10 我雖然說:“我受了極大的痛苦”,但我仍然相信。

11 我在驚惶之中曾說:人都是說謊的。”

3. 感恩的應許 (12-19)

3.1. 感恩的願望 (12-14)

12 我拿甚麼報答耶和華向我所施的一切厚恩呢?

13 我要舉起救恩的杯,稱揚耶和華的名。

14 我要在耶和華的眾民面前,向他還我所許的願。

3.2. 感恩的確據 (15-16)

15 在耶和華的眼中看來,聖民的死極為寶貴。

16 耶和華啊! 我真是你的僕人;我是你僕人,你婢女的兒子;我的鎖鍊你


3.3. 感恩的承諾 (17-18)

17 我要把感恩祭獻給你,我要稱揚耶和華的名。

18 我要在耶和華的眾民面前,向他還我所許的願 。

3.4. 感恩的呼籲 (19)

19 耶路撒冷啊!就是在你的中間,在耶和華殿的院子裡,我要還我所許的



2021年擁戴基督為王 37-9月主題:讚揚和祈求我主為王(詩篇選讀)

  • 9.18/19(聖樂崇拜) 凡有氣息的應當讚美神     (詩150篇)
  • 9.25/26                    「自由」主日     (路18:18-27 )

2021年擁戴基督為王 410-12月主題:神的國度邁進(使徒行傳選讀)

  • 10.2/3(聖餐)                   大使命:新常態-更新的議程 (徒1:1-11)
  • 10.9/10(感恩節崇拜)     在聖靈裡新的開始 (徒2:1-21)
  • 10.16/17(會友大會)        一個新進深生命群體 (徒2:42-47)
  • 10.23/24                          一個新禱告群體 (徒4:23-31)
  • 10.30/31                           一個新服侍群體 (徒6:1-7)
  • 11.6/7                                僑民的新外展 (徒8:1-25)
  • 11.13/14                             外族人的新宣教士 (徒9:1-19)
  • 11.20/21                            一個新的宣教中心 (徒11:19-30)
  • 11.27/28                            新的跨文化使命 (徒15:1-4,22-35)


  • 9.18/19                   聖樂崇拜
  • 9.19                         長老會議#5
  • 9.21                         Prayer Meeting (E)
  • 9.25/26             「自由」主日崇拜
  • 10.02/30             成人聖經班第四季課程
  • 10.9/10                   感恩節崇拜
  • 10.10                         感恩節浸禮
  • 10.11                         感恩節公眾假期
  • 10.17                         2021會友大會
  • 10.19                         Prayer Meeting (E)
  • 10.21                         電話關懷

Breakthrough in adversity: the secrets of the growth of the Early Church (3): Following the timing and plan of God

Sep 04-05, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Rev. Simon Lee

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Over the last few months, one question many of us have been asking is when are we going to return to our Church to worship. We had thought that by October we should be able to do so with the province going into Step 4 of the Reopening. However, because of the resurgent cases of COVID infections, we will continue to monitor the situation as we carefully go ahead as planned. We will ensure that we will return when we can stay safe. But ultimately we will also keenly watch for the “timing” and plan of God. Please stay tuned to regular weekly updates.

In our past articles, we have already noted that before the ascension of Jesus, the disciples of Jesus were more concerned with the time (Gk. chronos) of the restoration of the earthly kingdom than the coming of the heavenly kingdom. Jesus told them that God’s kingdom is to be ushered in by the sending of the Holy Spirit and realized by the empowered disciples in their evangelism and mission to the very “last” (Gk. eschatos) place [unreached people] of the earth. As disciples of Jesus, we too have the same Great Commission today, a concern that should not be lost as we have to deal with our daily concerns.

We should also note that Jesus also said to the disciples, “It is not for you to know times (Gk. chronos) or seasons (Gk. kairos) that the Father has fixed by his own authority.”(Acts 1:7) Here “times” (Gk. chronos) refers to duration of time (when) and “seasons” (Gk. kairos) refers to both length of times and kind (nature) of times (e.g., hard times) or opportunity (cf. I Thes. 5:1). Simply put, we do not know the exact timing of God nor when the opportunity will come, because it is all fixed by the authority of God himself. This first of all applies to “the coming of the kingdom,” but also applies to anything appointed by God.

Eugene Peterson in the Message puts it this way: “You don’t get to know the time. Timing is the Father’s business. What you’ll get is the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be able to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world.” (Acts 1:7,8)

The important thing is we do not know the time, but God the Father knows, and that is all that matters. For us, we should take seriously the words of Paul to Timothy: “1 I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: 2 preach the word; be ready in season (Gk. eukairos) and out of season (Gk. akairos)…” (II Tim 4:1,2) In other words, whether it is a “good” time or not a good time (untimely), we should be ready to proclaim (herald) the word, the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. That is God’s ultimate purpose for us all.

Carpe diem: seize the day! We must take advantage of the opportunities that arise as if it is the last day these opportunities present themselves, to serve God’s purpose. Paul teaches us:”15 Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the best use of the time (Gk. kairos), because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” (Eph. 5:15-17)

May we follow the timing and plan of God, live wisely, and be ready to seize the opportunities we have to share the hope that comes with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Your servant in Christ,
Rev. Simon Lee


Sep 04-05, 2021


在過去的幾個月裡,我們可能都在問到底教會什麼時候才能開放,讓會眾回來敬拜。我們原以為到了10 月,當BC省的防疫措施進入重新開放的第 4 步時,就能夠做到這一點。但是,由於 COVID 感染病例的增加,我們將繼續密切留意,並會按照計劃,謹慎行事。確保弟兄姊妹能在安全的情況下返回。但最終我們還是需要跟隨上帝的“時間”和計劃。請繼續關注列宣家每周的家事報告。

在過去的文章中,我們已經提出,在耶穌升天之前,耶穌的門徒關心的是地上國度恢復的時機(Gk. chronos),而不是天國的來臨。耶穌告訴他們,上帝的國度的降臨將需要通過聖靈的降臨,並透過被聖靈賦予能力的門徒把福音傳到地球上“最後”(Gk. eschatos)地方[未得之民]實現。作為耶穌的門徒,我們今天也被賦予同樣的大使命,當我們埋頭處理日常事務時,也不應忘記耶穌賦予我們的使命。

我們還應該留意到,耶穌說:“父憑著自己的權柄所定的時間或日期,你們不必知道。”(使徒行傳1:7)這裡所指的“時間” (Gk. chronos)是時候 (when),而“季節”(時機) (Gk. kairos) 指的是時候的長度和時候的類別(性質)(例如,困難時期)或機會(cf.帖撒羅尼迦前書 5:1)。簡單地說,我們不知道神確切的時間,也不知道機會什麼時候到來,因為這些都是屬於神的權柄。

神學家尤金彼得森(Eugene Peterson)在他的信息本翻譯是這樣寫的:“你不知道時間。時間是父親的事。你將得到的是聖靈。當聖靈降臨在你們身上時,你們就可以在耶路撒冷、猶太全地和撒瑪利亞,直到世界的盡頭,為我作見證。” (使徒行傳 1:7,8)重要的是我們不知道時間,但父神知道,這才是最重要的。對我們來說,我們應該認真對待保羅對提摩太的話:”1我在神面前,並且在那將要審判活人死人的基督耶穌面前,憑著他的顯現和國度叮囑你: 2 務要傳道;無論時機(Gk. eukairos) 和(Gk. akairos)是否適合,都要常作準備;要以多方的忍耐和教訓責備人、警戒人、勸勉人…。”(提摩太後書 4:1,2)換句話說,無論現在的時機是“好”還是“不好”(不合時宜),我們都應該準備好傳揚(宣揚)耶穌的道、福音和救恩的好消息。這是上帝對我們所有人的託付。

把握當下:抓緊時機!我們必須利用任何放在我們眼前的機會,就好像把這些機會看成為最後一次出現在我們的眼前那樣,事奉上帝。保羅教導我們:”15所以,你們行事為人要謹慎,不要像愚昧人,卻要像聰明人。 16 要把握時機(Gk. kairos),因為這時代邪惡。 17 因此,不要作糊塗人,要明白甚麼是主的旨意。”(弗 5:15-17)





  1. 歡迎您與我們一起敬拜神!因新冠肺炎大流行,自去年3月14/15日起,暫停所有教會聚會,大家可透過 網上收看或收聽崇拜證道。
  2. 粵語祈禱會 :逢週二8-9pm 在Zoom平台進行。Zoom ID及密碼將透過電郵發給長執及團契再轉發給各會眾,9月7日為團契部及保羅小組祈禱。
  3. 重返教會安排
  • 國語崇拜 - 本週六9月4日起,上午9:00繼續在zoom平台進行;9月18日(週六)上午9:00,將試驗實體崇拜並移師到禮堂舉行;
  • 週六青崇AYAYA - 9月18日| 7:30pm| 200室,將試驗實體崇拜;
  • 粵語崇拜 - 週六及主日午堂將於9月25日及26日試驗實體崇拜,並且改為11:15am開始,敬希垂注。預先登記詳情,稍後公佈。
  • 英語崇拜 - 定於10月3日返回教會禮堂實體崇拜。


  1. 成人教育部2021年第四季(10月至12月)粵語聖經課程將繼續以ZOOM網上平台教授,上課時間改為上午9:00-10:00以方便大家上課後能返回教會實體崇拜或參與崇拜事奉,網上報名連結,請大家踴躍參加。報名截止日期為924日。
  2. 兒童事工Awana 組長會議於9 月10 日星期五(7:00-8:00pm)網上舉行,假若您不能出席,請通知關潔玲傳道。
  3. 兒童事工網上Awana 將於9 月17 日星期五開始,Zoom 詳情將透過電郵發送給每一個家庭。請於9 月10 日星期日(1:30-3:30pm)回教會領取您的上課教材,同時亦可以與一些組長會面。若未能於該日領取,可於辦公時間周一至週五(9:00am 至5:00pm)返回教會領取。
  4. 20216月至20227月差傳預算為$186,000,詳情參閱附頁。
  5. 國語事工英語班「與英文世界接軌」於秋季開班,(A)班:9月9日至10月12日;(B)班:10月25日至12月9日;每週二次,週一及週四上午10:00-11:30。費用全免,現正接受報名。報名請電本會辦公室604-271-9333。
  6. 「匯」23主題是「回到神的殿敬拜?!」,盼望弟兄姊妹踴躍投稿,10月31日截稿。
  7. 本週六準時7:00pmAYAYA Online 會上載於教會網站,歡迎弟兄姊妹任何時間參與我們的網上崇拜。本週講題:作大使命的門徒,經文:馬太福音28:16-20節 ,講員:龔敏光牧師 。
  8. 週六及主日粵語網上Zoom 平台崇拜分別於週六及主日11:00am開始,Zoom ID及密碼於週五透過電郵連同崇拜週刊發送給會眾,或請聯絡辦公室索取。
  9. 國語事工網上Zoom平台崇拜,逢週六早上9:00開始。Zoom ID和密碼將會透過微信發放。
  10. 每週崇拜週刊,請瀏覽www.rcac.ca查閱有關連結 – 家訊教牧心聲等。
  11. 辦公室消息
  • 9月6日勞動節公眾假期,本會辦公室休假一天。
  • 張志成牧師於9月7至10日休假。
  • 辦公室行政秘書陳潘佩貞姊妹於9月7至9日休假。


  1. 二零二一年九月十一日及十二日 崇拜講員:陳榮基傳道(週六青崇)、李耀全牧師(週六、主日粵語及主日國語)、潘啟華傳道(主日英語)。
  1. 身體不適肢體:李慕慈、鄧陳有、劉黃玉蓮、吳葉菁、葉周煥萍、 陳見三、余鄧玉瑤、陳黃雪芳、高唐瑞英。每週二粵語祈禱會我們將更具體為他們代禱。


  1. BC內陸短宣 – 周力行牧師與楊寶賢弟兄於9月10-13日前赴Trail 短宣探訪,請大家禱告記念行程。






  • 回到起點
  • 擴闊視野
  • 遵守吩咐






  1. 認識耶穌的權柄
  2. 遵從耶穌的吩咐
  3. 親歷耶穌的同在


2021年擁戴基督為王 37-9月主題:讚揚和祈求我主為王(詩篇選讀)

  • 9.11/12          我愛耶和華…我要向他還我許的願   (詩116篇)
  • 9.18/19(聖樂崇拜) 凡有氣息的應當讚美神    (詩150篇)
  • 9.25/26          「自由」主日    (待定)

2021年擁戴基督為王 410-12月主題:神的國度邁進(使徒行傳選讀)

  • 10.2/3(聖餐) 大使命:新常態-更新的議程 (徒1:1-11)
  • 10.9/10(感恩節崇拜) 在聖靈裡新的開始 (徒2:1-21
  • 10.16/17(會友大會) 一個新進深生命群體 (徒2:42-47)
  • 10.23/24 一個新禱告群體 (徒4:23-31)
  • 10.30/31 一個新服侍群體 (徒6:1-7)


  • 9.04/05             基教崇拜
  • 9.06                    勞動節公眾假期
  • 9.18/19             聖樂崇拜
  • 9.19                    長老會議#5
  • 9.21                   Prayer Meeting (E)
  • 9.25/26             「自由」主日崇拜
  • 10.02/30             成人聖經班第四季課程
  • 10.9/10                   感恩節崇拜
  • 10.10                         感恩節浸禮
  • 10.11                         感恩節公眾假期
  • 10.17                        2021會友大會
  • 10.19                         Prayer Meeting (E)
  • 10.21                         電話關懷












I am thankful

Aug 28-29, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Francis Chan

The topic I shared last time was, “Woe to me if I don’t preach the gospel!”. At that time, I shared the progress of our Youth Evangelism Exploration Training Course that had just started for about 2 months. Today, all 10 students in the course have passed our 2 graduation exams. Now, they are working hard to fulfill another graduation requirement, which is to share the gospel with no less than 10 people. When all students have completed the required number of sharing, they will graduate. All is grace and I am thankful.

Since its establishment in January last year, our Cantonese-speaking Young Couples Fellowship, SOS (Song of Songs) Fellowship, has continued to grow in numbers. So far, our fellowship has more than 20 couples and more than 30 children. We have two regular meetings a month from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on Saturdays. On the second Saturday, we study the Bible in one large group, and on the fourth Saturday, we share and pray in small groups. Although we could only meet online in the past 17 months, we are thankful that our attendance rate has remained above 70%. For young parents having to take care of young children, this is a very good attendance rate indeed. Last Sunday, we went to the Centennial Beach Park in Delta. A total of 40 people from 14 families attended. All is grace and I am thankful.

In my sermon in AYAYA Online 2 weeks ago on August 14, I asked: “Why does God allow us to suffer?” My answer, “Oftentimes, the greatest learning and growth opportunity in life happens   when we suffer. Suffering can help us understand our weaknesses, see our limitations, hear God’s voice more readily, and follow God’s path more willingly.” Just one week after my sermon, my right foot suffered from plantar fasciitis. On the first night of my illness, my foot felt as though it was being burnt on the stove, and I couldn’t sleep at all. Incredibly, my heart was at peace. I was thankful, and I even felt a satisfying feeling that I was being loved. I didn’t only pray for God to increase my pain, but also to extend the time of my pain. You may be wondering, am I a masochist? Of course not. But God knows what a very forgetful person I am.

In fact, I had suffered from plantar fasciitis more than a decade ago in Hong Kong. For several weeks, I went to see a Chinese bone-setting doctor. When the doctor turned and twisted my foot, the pain I experienced was almost unbearable. The cause of my illness? Simple: I was obese, and my feet had been under tremendous pressure from my bodyweight for a long time. For an obese person like me, the onset of plantar fasciitis is only a matter of time and frequency. Therefore, this relapse is a wakeup call from my loving God, who loves me and my family very much. How can I not respond and be thankful? By God’s grace in the not too remote future, I do look forward to meeting a new Pastor Francis, who will be 10 kg lighter than the current Pastor Francis. Please remember me if you will.