Jul 03-04, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Jeanie Auyeung

Seeing the need for the gospel in Richmond, a six-person committee was formed by the Vancouver Chinese Alliance church in June 1977, to plan and start a new church. Ten members from the Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church committed to this new church with the vision to expand God’s kingdom.  This vision was echoed by members who lived in Richmond. The first worship service of about 50 people was held at Bethel Mennonite Church on No. 5 Road until the purchase of our present location in February of 1979.

The church grew after moving to the new facility.  With the congregation growing, the old building was torn down to construct a larger building. A new building was completed in June of 1984.  In 1999, a new wing of the church was constructed to meet the needs of increasing attendance.

By God’s grace, our church has flourished since 1977 for forty-four years.  Over the years, brothers and sisters from all over the world have committed to build God’s kingdom together, and within these past years, many have been nurtured to grow spiritually. We have over thirty brothers and sisters who have dedicated themselves to the Lord serving as pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers in different places all over the world. May we follow the dedication of those who were before us, take up the mission of the kingdom of God, and pass on God’s grace and blessings to our coming generations, so that we can bless the community and enable more people to share the Lord’s grace.

I would like to congratulate the church on its forty-fourth anniversary with the following “not in-styled poem” to encourage each of us, to stand firm in one spirit, contending as one church for the gospel, in order to expand the kingdom of God.

Carry on the great commission of God’s Kingdom and move forward in Richmond.
Preach the gospel, honour the past, and move on to meet the challenges of the Lord.
Forty-four years we have relied on the Lord’s grace to build our family together.
Do not forget the past visions with the cross always in front.
From “the Four seas and five lakes” we gather to lift the name of the Lord high.
Renew our vision every year to reach new peaks and march to the 50th year.