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My kingdom is not of this world (2)


From the Pastor’s Desk: Rev. Simon Lee

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Daily we meet people or encounter news of people suffering grievously from the injustice of society and the devastation of wars. Christians face the dilemma of facing this injustice of the kingdoms of this world while trying to hold on to our belief that the justice in the kingdom of God will prevail. We are torn by the reality of this world and the hope we have in “heaven”!

In my previous article: “My kingdom is not of this world (1),” I shared with you the words of Jesus who said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.”– John 18:36.  We concluded, “What we have to offer in the Church above all, is the gospel of the kingdom of God, a kingdom of love, peace, and justice, one that the world does not offer. The gospel is therefore our top priority and our answer to the world of hate, unrest, and injustice.”

In this second article, I intend to go a little deeper into what these words mean by focusing on the context of Jesus’ words in John 18. Jesus was being tried by Pilate in the governor’s headquarters and Pilate asked the Jewish accusers “What accusation do you bring against this man?” The crowd was evasive in their reply: “If this man were not doing evil, we would not have delivered him over to you.” (29, 30) In the Gospel of Luke, however, the real reason for the false accusation of the Jewish people becomes apparent, put in a way that Pilate must handle as it relates allegedly to the challenge to the Roman authority: And they began to accuse him, saying, “We found this man misleading our nation and forbidding us to give tribute to Caesar, and saying that he himself is Christ, a king.” (Luke 23:2) The crafty, cunning and blasphemous way the Jewish crowd used in putting together various bits of information for this false accusation is quite disconcerting, to say the least. But it nevertheless at least shows that they could not deny there are two conflicting systems of “justice” at work.

Pilate, being himself a shrewd politician, was able to see through their plot to their motive which was to use him to bring down the death sentence on Jesus, something they knew they could not do themselves. So Pilate said to them, “Take him yourselves and judge him by your own law.” By this, he also clearly affirmed that there are two “legal” systems, the Roman or the Jewish.

My purpose here is not to wade into the complex theological debate of the doctrine of the two kingdoms, but to simply say that we cannot escape the fact that we Christians are citizens of two worlds, one that is earthly and the other that is heavenly, and we all must live in this tension as we as Christians face the injustice and evils of the world in which we live. Returning to Jesus’s words in John 18: 36 we can summarize what Jesus said by the following simple points:

  • Jesus’ kingdom is not a rival political kingdom.
  • Jesus’ kingdom does not originate from this world, but from heaven.
  • Jesus’ kingdom has peace and not war as its base and agenda.

Decades later, Paul reaffirmed that Jesus’ kingdom established by Jesus going to the cross is based on sacrificial love, righteousness and humility, so different from the worldly kingdom that it is the exact opposite of what the Jewish people expected and what the Gentile world valued: “to the Jews a stumbling block, and to the Gentiles foolishness.” (1 Corinthians 1:23)

In the context of the Gospel of John, we can see that for John, there are always dichotomy like, light and darkness, freedom and slavery, righteousness and evil… Thus, when Christ says his kingdom is not of this world, John wants us to note that Christ rules in a spiritual kingdom manifesting that He is “the way, the truth and the life,” (John 14:6) in contrast to the worldly kingdom of waywardness, untruth and death.” When Jesus was facing the betrayal of His own people and the injustice of this world, His ultimate defence was pointing the authority and the people to the truth: “I have come into the world—to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” (37)

Earlier John has recorded what Jesus himself had already taught: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31,32) Again He said, “36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

May we seek this ultimate TRUTH and true FREEDOM that Jesus Christ offers to us all.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Simon Lee





我在兩週前的分享:“我的國度不屬於這個世界(1)”,講到了耶穌的話,他說:“「我的國不屬於這世界;如果我的國屬於這世界,我的臣僕就要作戰,使我不至被交給猶太人。不過,我的國不是這世上的。」”(約翰 18:36)。我在總結裡提到:“我們在教會中首先要宣揚天國的福音,這是一個完全愛、和平與公義的國度,是世界無法提供的。因此,傳福音是我們的首要任務,也是我們對這個仇恨、動盪和不公義的世界的回應。”

在這一次的分享中,我打算通過關注約翰福音 18 章中耶穌的話的上下文來更深入地了解以上耶穌的話的含義。彼拉多正在審判耶穌,彼拉多問那些猶太的控訴者 –“「你們控告這個人甚麼呢?」他們隱晦地回答:「如果這個人沒有作惡,我們就不會把他交給你。」” (29, 30) 然而,在路加福音中,猶太人的誣告的真正原因變得顯而易見,彼拉多無法不認真處理,因為是對羅馬權威的挑戰有關:他們開始控告他說:“「我們查出這個人煽惑我們的同胞,阻止納稅給凱撒,並且自稱是基督,是王。」” (路加23:2)猶太人以狡猾和褻瀆神明的方式,用虛假的指控來指控耶穌基督,至少可以說根據猶太人的指控,耶穌基督的行為是相當令人大大不安。無論如何,在這些指控中,有一點很清楚,那就是他們不能否認有兩種相互衝突的“公義”體系正在影響著他們。


我無意在此加入有關於兩個國度的複雜神學辯論,而是要提出,我們無法逃避這樣一個事實,即我們基督徒是處於兩個世界的公民,一個是地上的,另一個是天上的,我們作為基督徒必須要面對世界的不公義甚至於是邪惡。我們可以用以下簡單的要點來總結耶穌約翰福音 18:36所說的話:

  • 耶穌的國度不是與世界敵對的政治國度。
  • 耶穌的國度不是來自這個世界,是來自天上。
  • 耶穌的國度的基礎及議程是和平而非戰爭。

幾十年後,保羅重申,透過耶穌的十字架所建立的國度是基於犧牲的愛、公義和謙卑,與世俗的國度大大不同,與猶太人的期望和外邦人的價值觀完全相反: “猶太人看來是絆腳石,在外族人看來是愚笨的。” (林前 1:23)

透過約翰福音的上下文中,我們可以看到,他用二分法來區別神的國度和世界,光明與黑暗,自由與奴隸,正義與邪惡……  因此,當基督說他的國度不屬於這個世界時,約翰想要我們注意到基督在一個屬靈的國度中掌權,表明他就是“道路、真理和生命”(約翰 14:6),這與在世俗中遇到的歪路、非真理和死亡形成鮮明對比。”當耶穌面對自己百姓的背叛和這個世界的不公義時,他最終的回應是向權威和人民導向真理:“我要為真理作見證,我為此而生,也為此來到世上。凡是屬於真理的人,都聽我的聲音。」” (約翰 18:37)

約翰曾記載了耶穌基督的教導:“你們若持守我的道,就真是我的門徒了; 32 你們必定認識真理,真理必定使你們自由。” (約翰 8:31, 32; 耶穌又說:“ 所以,神的兒子若使你們自由,你們就真的得自由了。 」” (約翰8:36)



My kingdom is not of this world (1)


From the Pastor’s Desk: Rev. Simon Lee

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

One of the American presidents that I most admire is Jimmy Carter (39th president of the United States from 1977 to 1981.) He was best known not for what he did during His one term as President, but what he did after his presidency. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, “for work to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development.” He is also very devoted to his Christian faith and is an inspiration to many brothers and sisters in his home church where he has taught Sunday school for years. He had gone to the pinnacle of political power in the world, but after his political career, he devoted all his energy to humanitarian and evangelistic endeavour. To me he is an example of one who knew and exercised much political power, but also one who moved on to live out and practice a different power, spiritual power, to help so many people find life and life abundant around the world.

Over the past few months, wars such as that of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia have displaced millions of people, and also political turmoil and civil unrests such as that in Hong Kong and Burma have resulted in creating many waves of reluctant “immigrants” or refugee. Behind all these conflicts often lie the hunger and greed of nations and their politicians for power and wealth, as they try to build and expand their own earthy kingdoms. Here in Canada with the latest visit of the Pope of a six-day ‘pilgrimage of penance’ we are reminded again of the serious mistreatment of First Nations children in the residential schools in the past and the trauma of the survivors till now. As Christians we cannot turn a blind eye to all the atrocities and injustice around us. While we have responded a little to aiding the refugees in the neighbouring countries of Ukraine such as Poland, reach out to some people who have been forced to abandon their homes in Hong Kong and have come to Canada, and for a decade have tried to reach out to some first nation youths in Hazelton, we must redouble our effort because the need is still so great. We must do what we can to help all these people who have suffered so much to find their new home and new life. As Christians who have been blessed by God in so many different ways and we have the responsibilities to reach out to so many who are disadvantaged and so much less fortunate than us.  However, I must admit that I find myself helpless, overwhelmed and even angry at the enormous devastation caused by the powers of this world. What then can we do?

In reflecting on the situation we are in, I am reminded of the words of Jesus who said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.”- John 18:36.  In our next issue we shall go deeper into this verse and the concept of “My Kingdom is not of this world”, but for now, let me outline the most obvious message. First of all, Jesus is not saying His kingdom is not concerned with the world and all its needs that somehow it is other-worldly. No, what Jesus is saying is, unlike the world around us, which is often power-driven and filled with violent politics, His kingdom is one of peace and justice, full of grace and mercy (that is why Jesus’ disciples were not encouraged to use violence to fight back). What we have to offer in the Church above all, is the gospel of the kingdom of God, a kingdom of love, peace and justice, one that the world does not offer. The gospel is therefore our top priority and our answer to the world of hate, unrest and injustice. (To be continued)

Your servant in Christ,
Rev. Simon Lee




我最欽佩的美國總統之一是卡特總統(Jimmy Carter),(他於1977至1981年擔任美國第39任總統)。他最負盛名的不是在於總統任期內的業績,而是在他離任後的所作所為。他因著在尋求和平解決國際衝突、促進民主和人權,以及在促進經濟和社會發展方面的努力而獲得2002年諾貝爾和平獎。他也非常忠於本身的基督教信仰,多年來一直在他自己的教會中任教主日學,令許多兄弟姊妹得著靈性的造就。他雖登上世界政治權力的頂峰,但在他的政治生涯結束後,他將全部精力投入於人道主義和佈道事工之上。對我來說,他是瞭解政治權力的一個典範,也是繼續身體力行地實踐另類權力、屬靈權柄的人,以幫助眾多在世界各地的人找到生命及得著豐盛的人生。




An Amazing Vacation


From the Pastor’s Desk:Rev. Simon Lee

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

We had an amazing three weeks of vacation. Special for Lydia and myself, because the 10th anniversary of our ministry at RCAC occurred during our trip away. Ten years ago, Lydia and I boarded our flight CX 8 from Hong Kong on the 8th of August and arrived on the same day in Vancouver. I started my ministry on August 9, 2012. It has been 10 years of blessings for us and our family.  Because of the amazing vacation, we also feel refreshed and ready to run towards the finishing line at the end of the year. The vacation was amazing for many reasons:

  1. Joy: Joy in visiting Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.

We took a three day bus tour to these cities. We especially like Quebec City because of its history and culture. After so many years in Canada, visiting Quebec City for the first time was a lesson in itself. We visited several old and grand cathedrals and it was interesting to find out their glorious history. For me, my experience was special because I just had to sit back and enjoy the trip, and not worry about anything. For one who is used to planning and directing everything, this was a very refreshing and enjoyable experience. For once, I was truly a tourist enjoying each moment totally carefree. Also, at the end of our time in Toronto, my classmate from the University of Manitoba even managed to take us to revisit the Niagara Falls, and we were awed again by the wonder of God’s creation.

  1. Encouragement: Enjoying participating in some local ministries in Greater Toronto.

Our hosts in Greater Toronto gave us the privilege to participate in a few meaningful preaching opportunities. I spoke at a weekend in-person Church Summer Day Camp, a breakthrough for the Church after suspending the camp for the past 2 years due to Covid. It was so encouraging to see all of their three congregations, English, Cantonese and Mandarin, sharing in unity at the wonderful get-together at the Church. I was encouraged to find out that the Mandarin pastor had a prayer meeting online on Zoom with members of his congregation every morning. I was totally impressed with the English congregation serving the rest of the Church with a BBQ lunch on Saturday.

Apart from that, I also had a small part to play at a meaningful Expository Preaching Devotional Meeting. At first, we were disappointed to see the low in-person attendance but later found out that there were over 1600 who attended online. Praise be to God.

On a final Sunday I preached twice. First, I was taken to a newly established Church north of Toronto in the suburb, bought and newly renovated by the Scarborough Chinese Alliance Church (SCAC). On that early Sunday morning there were over 160 people attending with many newcomers! Finally I spoke at the Mandarin service of SCAC and was overjoyed to see one of my former doctoral students doing a fantastic job there.

  1. Thankful: We thank God in meeting with many ex-Winnipeggers and past Church members.

We were blessed in meeting up with some of the Winnipeg UM “oldies” who have remained faithful to the Lord all these years. Also, we met with the younger generation of Winnipeggers and thankful to see they have all matured in their faith. Many of them were young students in our Church when I pastored there in the 80’s. Some of them are in fact serving as leaders or pastors of the Churches in Toronto.

  1. Grateful: We had a fantastic family retreat on Bowen Island

Our vacation was capped by a four day restful retreat time with the family (18 in all) on Bowen Island. The place where we stayed overlooks the beautiful cove where the ferries come in and out. It was such a lot of fun to spend time with the family and to play with the grandkids. Our children again took care of all the meals and we had a wonderful time.  Praise be to God. MAY God bless you all also.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Simon Lee




我們剛剛享受了一個三週美滿的假期。師母和我亦在這旅途中度過我們列宣事奉的十週年紀念。十年前,我和師母於 8 月 8 日從香港登上 CX 8 航班同日抵達溫哥華,我於 2012 年 8 月 9 日便開始在教會事奉,如今已經是 10 年的祝福。因為這個美滿的假期,我們感到精力充沛,準備好在年底跑到終點。這個假期的美滿,原因有很多:

  1. 喜悅:遊覽渥太華、滿地可和魁北克市的喜悅


  1. 鼓勵:參與大多倫多地區事工的鼓勵

有幸在大多倫多的東道主給了我們一些參與有意義的講道機會。我在周末於一所教會的實體夏令營分享信息。這是教會在過去兩年因新冠疫情而暫停活動後重開的一項突破。看到他們英語、粵話和國話的會眾,在教會的聚會中同心分享,真是令人鼓舞。我又親眼目睹他們的國話牧者每天早上都在 Zoom 上與他的會眾舉行網上祈禱會,我很受鼓舞。週六中午的時候,更見英語部的弟兄姊妹為全會眾預備燒烤午餐,這給我留下了深刻的印象。



  1. 感恩:感恩能與許多前居溫尼伯及前溫尼伯宣道會的成員(Winnipeggers)重聚


  1. 感激:感激能在博文島(Bowen Island)有寧靜的家庭退修



Pastoral Reflections on July 1 (2)


From the Pastor’s Desk: Rev. Simon Lee, Senior Pastor RCAC

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Last issue: Pastoral Reflections on July 1 (1)

On July 1, we celebrated Canada Day here. I know, as I enjoyed a statutory holiday. This year is the 155th Anniversary of Confederation. But for those of us who are from Hong Kong, we know that July 1 this year was also the day to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

In reflecting on these two anniversaries, the question that comes to mind is: What is there to celebrate? In Canada, in the past year we have been reminded again and again of the horrific history of mistreatment and injustice to the children from the First Nations at the Residential Schools and the trauma of their survivors. Furthermore, in the very place we are living in, there are so many other social problems such as the drug overdose crisis and the rising crime rate, just to mention a few.

In Hong Kong, we know that ten of thousands of HongKongers, on both sides of the political spectrum, had decided to leave Hong Kong, looking for a better haven for themselves and their families, many in such a hurry that they did not even say good-bye to their relatives and friends. The anxiety and fear of these people are compounded by the difficulties of finding and settling into a new home in Canada and elsewhere. Yes, “what is there to celebrate”?

The truth of the matter is whether in the birth and development of a nation as in Canada from over 150 years ago, or in the return of a colony to its motherland, as in Hong Kong, in the last 25 years till now, we witnessed prosperity mixed with upheavals, progress mixed with injustice, hope mixed with disappointments, bringing anxiety and tears to all looking for a better future. This is the sad history and geography of the migration of people since the beginning of times, repeated over and over again around the world. If there are achievements to celebrate, then there are also disappointments to grieved about. Again, what is really there to celebrate?

Abraham and the people of faith come to mind. We read in Hebrews 11 these words: By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place he would later receive as an inheritance, and he went out without understanding where he was going. 9 By faith he lived as a foreigner in the promised land as though it were a foreign country, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, who were fellow heirs of the same promise. 10 For he was looking forward to the city with firm foundations, whose architect and builder is God… 13 These all died in faith without receiving the things promised, but they saw them in the distance and welcomed them and acknowledged that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth. 14 For those who speak in such a way make it clear that they are seeking a homeland. 15 In fact, if they had been thinking of the land that they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. 16 But as it is, they aspire to a better land, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them. (8-10, 13-16) Yes, Abraham and many others “aspire to a better land,” and ultimately it is “a heavenly one.” Those words ring true even today.

The truth is there is no place on earth that does not have its share of unrest and problem, because we are all sinful people living in a sinful world. The church does not and cannot offer any solution to political problems, but the church is where true faith, ultimate hope, genuine love can be found. Lasting peace (shalom) and total redemption are found in the church because “In God we trust.” People of all background, race or political background can come to Christ, the Prince of Peace. This is what we can truly celebrate.

Your servant in Christ,
Rev. Simon Lee




上期:教牧反思(一) :7月1日,我們在這裡慶祝加拿大國慶。今年是加拿大聯邦成立 155 週年。但對於我們來自香港的,7月1日也有另外一個含義:因為這一天也是香港特別行政區成立25週年的日子。兩個背景截然不同的周年紀念日喚起了我截然不同的感受。




此時,亞伯拉罕和有其他信仰的偉人浮現在腦海中。我們在希伯來書11 章讀到:

8因著信,亞伯拉罕在蒙召的時候,就聽命往他將要承受為業的地方去;他出去的時候,還不知道要往哪裡去。9因著信,他在應許之地寄居,好像是在異鄉…。10因為他等待那座有根基的城,就是神所設計所建造的…。13這些人都是存著信心死了的,還沒有得著所應許的,只不過是從遠處看見,就表示歡迎,又承認他們在世上是異鄉人,是客旅。14因為說這樣話的人,是表明他們在尋求一個家鄉。15如果他們懷念已經離開了的地方,還有可以回去的機會。16但是現在他們所嚮往的,是一個更美的、在天上的家鄉。所以神不以他們稱他為神而覺得羞恥;因為他已經為他們預備了一座城。(8-10, 13-16)是的,亞伯拉罕和其他許多人都“渴望有更美好的土地”,其實唯有“天上的家鄉”才能夠真正滿足他們。

地球上沒有一個地方是真正的樂土,因為我們都是罪人。教會不可亦不能為政治問題提供任何解決方案,但是教會是一個地方讓人能夠找到終極盼望和永恆的愛,可以找到真正的平安(shalom)和完全的救贖,因為“我們信靠的是上帝”(In God we trust)。無論是什麼背景、種族或政治立場的人,都可以投靠這一位「和平之君」耶穌基督。而這個才是值得我們慶祝的。


Pastoral Reflections on July 1 (1)


From the Pastor’s Desk:Rev. Simon Lee, Senior Pastor RCAC

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

July 1, 2022 was a special day to me, thought-provoking, as one born in Hong Kong but who has for years made Canada my home. On July 1, we celebrated Canada Day here. I know, as I enjoyed a statutory holiday. This year is the 155th Anniversary of Confederation. But for those of us who are from Hong Kong, we may know that July 1 this year was also the day to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). These were two anniversaries with very different background, evoking in me very different feelings and emotions.

I still remember when Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of the confederation, my wife Lydia and I took a trip to the Maritimes Provinces in Eastern Canada, together with my daughter Hannah and my son in law Eugene as tour guides. One place we visited was Charlottetown, P.E.I., where the conferences on the confederation of “Canada” all started in 1864. It ended in the birth of Canada in 1867, marked by the proclamation into law of the Constitution Act, 1867 (British North America Act).  On that trip, I learned a lot about Canada and its history, both the glorious and the ugly, of the treaties with the First Nations, colonialism, confederation, and history of immigrations.

One thing I learned was the name “Canada” comes from aboriginal roots, the Huron-Iroquois word “Kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement,” the name given to the French explorers and settlers of the day, referring to the village of Stadacona, the site of the present-day City of Quebec. Canada was previously also referred to as a Dominion (part of the British Empire) by the British. But interestingly, it was New Brunswick’s Sir Leonard Tilley who suggested the use of the word “Dominion” of Canada, reportedly inspired by Psalm 72:8, “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.”  C&MA of Canada uses the 5S’s to denote its span of ministries, and the 5th S, refers to “sea to sea” (Dominion of Canada). As an Alliance pastor, my prayer on July 1 in recollecting this was: May the Lord truly have dominion over Canada, which once had a lots of Christian roots!

My mind wandered to Hong Kong. As you know, on July 1, 1997, China regained control of the British colony of Hong Kong after 156 years. It was in 1839 that Britain invaded China to crush opposition to its opium trade and in 1842 the unequal Treaty of Nanking was signed ending the First Opium War, and the Island of Hong Kong was ceded to the British.   In September 1984, after years of negotiations, the British and the Chinese signed a formal agreement approving the 1997 turnover of the island, Kowloon and the New Territories back to China. One of the major concepts was “one country, two systems.”

On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was orderly handed over to China in a ceremony attended by numerous Chinese, British, and international dignitaries. I was in Hong Kong, and still remember being glued to the TV, watching each event of the handover, and wondering what will happen to Hong Kong and whether the concept of “one country, two systems” will work. For us as a family, in 1994 we had decided to leave Vancouver to move to Hong Kong to serve there because of the tremendous need there. Little did we know Lydia and I would be there for 18 years till coming to serve at RCAC in 2012. I am amazed at how time flies and 25 years had gone by since the handover. Memories of the City and its development, both its prosperity and upheavals, flood back to my memory. Nowadays we are constantly reminded of the changes in Hong Kong because of the influx of newcomers from Hong Kong in the last year or so. Now half of the period of the promise of “50 years with no change” has passed, with all the many changes, nothing is certain except change itself. As someone who is from Hong Kong, I keep asking on July 1, what will Hong Kong be like after another 25 years?      (Next issue: Pastoral Reflections on July 1 (2))

Christ’s servant,
Rev. Simon Lee




你們好。今年 7 月 1 日對我來說尤其發人深省:我是一個出生在香港但多年來一直以加拿大為家的人。7月1日,我們在這裡慶祝加拿大國慶。我知道,因為在這一天我享受了一天假期!今年是加拿大聯邦立國155週年。但對我們來自香港的人,7月1日也有另外一個含義:因為這一天也是香港特別行政區成立25週年的日子。兩個背景截然不同的周年紀念日喚起了我截然不同的感受。

我還記得在加拿大慶祝建國150 週年時,我和師母Lydia,女兒Hannah 和女婿Eugene 一起去了加拿大東部的愛德華王子島省的夏洛特敦市。這裡就是“加拿大”的發源地,討論開始於1864 年,而在1867 年,加拿大便正式誕生。在這一年,憲法1867(英屬北美法案)正式成立。在那次旅行中,我學到了很多關於加拿大及其原住民、殖民、聯邦和移民的歷史。

在那次旅途中,我學到的一件事,那就是“加拿大”這個名字是有著原住民的根源,Huron-Iroquois人的詞“Kanata”,意思是“村莊”或“安置區”,這個名字是給當時的法國探險家和定居者的,指的是Stadacona 村,現在是魁北克市所在地。新不倫瑞克省的Sir Leonard Tilley稱加國為“Dominion” ,據報導他是受到詩篇72:8 的啟發,“他(神)要執掌權柄,從這海(Sea)到那海(Sea), 從大河直到地極。”加拿大宣道會使用 了5S 來表示宣教事工的範圍,而第五個“S”是指“從這海到那海”即是加拿大。作為宣道會牧師的一名,當我想到這些事情的時候,我就向神禱告說:願主真正掌管加拿大,這是個曾經有很深基督教根源的國家呀!

我的思緒也飄到了香港。我們都知道,1997年7月1日標誌了中國在156年後重新管治作為英國殖民地的香港。1839年,英國入侵中國,是因為中國當時反抗鴉片貿易。又由於中國戰敗,被迫在1842年簽訂不平等的南京條約,香港島就被割讓給英國。 1984年9月,經過多年談判,中英聯合簽署正式協議,同意在1997年將香港一帶交還給中國。中國提出了一個“一國兩制”的概念。

1997年7月1日,香港有秩序地移交給中國。我當時在香港,還記得透過電視螢光幕,緊張看著移交儀式,心想知道回歸後香港會變得如何,“一國兩制”的概念是否會奏效?在1994 年我們一家決定離開溫哥華搬到香港事奉,是因為看到在那裡有很大的需要。在那個時候,Lydia和我也沒有想到會在香港事奉18年之久,然後在2012 年來到列宣家服事。時間過得真快,香港已經回歸祖國25 年了。這座城市及其發展的回憶,無論是繁榮還是動盪,都在這個時候湧上了我的心頭。在最近一年,我們目睹了大量從香港來的新移民,因著香港社會發生許多變化。 “50年不變”已經過了一半。但是,變化不斷發生。除了變化本身,沒有什麼是確定的。求主保守香港!