From the Pastor’s Desk:Rev. Simon Lee

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

We had an amazing three weeks of vacation. Special for Lydia and myself, because the 10th anniversary of our ministry at RCAC occurred during our trip away. Ten years ago, Lydia and I boarded our flight CX 8 from Hong Kong on the 8th of August and arrived on the same day in Vancouver. I started my ministry on August 9, 2012. It has been 10 years of blessings for us and our family.  Because of the amazing vacation, we also feel refreshed and ready to run towards the finishing line at the end of the year. The vacation was amazing for many reasons:

  1. Joy: Joy in visiting Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.

We took a three day bus tour to these cities. We especially like Quebec City because of its history and culture. After so many years in Canada, visiting Quebec City for the first time was a lesson in itself. We visited several old and grand cathedrals and it was interesting to find out their glorious history. For me, my experience was special because I just had to sit back and enjoy the trip, and not worry about anything. For one who is used to planning and directing everything, this was a very refreshing and enjoyable experience. For once, I was truly a tourist enjoying each moment totally carefree. Also, at the end of our time in Toronto, my classmate from the University of Manitoba even managed to take us to revisit the Niagara Falls, and we were awed again by the wonder of God’s creation.

  1. Encouragement: Enjoying participating in some local ministries in Greater Toronto.

Our hosts in Greater Toronto gave us the privilege to participate in a few meaningful preaching opportunities. I spoke at a weekend in-person Church Summer Day Camp, a breakthrough for the Church after suspending the camp for the past 2 years due to Covid. It was so encouraging to see all of their three congregations, English, Cantonese and Mandarin, sharing in unity at the wonderful get-together at the Church. I was encouraged to find out that the Mandarin pastor had a prayer meeting online on Zoom with members of his congregation every morning. I was totally impressed with the English congregation serving the rest of the Church with a BBQ lunch on Saturday.

Apart from that, I also had a small part to play at a meaningful Expository Preaching Devotional Meeting. At first, we were disappointed to see the low in-person attendance but later found out that there were over 1600 who attended online. Praise be to God.

On a final Sunday I preached twice. First, I was taken to a newly established Church north of Toronto in the suburb, bought and newly renovated by the Scarborough Chinese Alliance Church (SCAC). On that early Sunday morning there were over 160 people attending with many newcomers! Finally I spoke at the Mandarin service of SCAC and was overjoyed to see one of my former doctoral students doing a fantastic job there.

  1. Thankful: We thank God in meeting with many ex-Winnipeggers and past Church members.

We were blessed in meeting up with some of the Winnipeg UM “oldies” who have remained faithful to the Lord all these years. Also, we met with the younger generation of Winnipeggers and thankful to see they have all matured in their faith. Many of them were young students in our Church when I pastored there in the 80’s. Some of them are in fact serving as leaders or pastors of the Churches in Toronto.

  1. Grateful: We had a fantastic family retreat on Bowen Island

Our vacation was capped by a four day restful retreat time with the family (18 in all) on Bowen Island. The place where we stayed overlooks the beautiful cove where the ferries come in and out. It was such a lot of fun to spend time with the family and to play with the grandkids. Our children again took care of all the meals and we had a wonderful time.  Praise be to God. MAY God bless you all also.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Simon Lee