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New WineSkins


From the Pastor’s Desk:Pastor Karen Quan

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Matthew 9:16-17 (NiRV)
16 “People don’t sew a patch of new cloth on old clothes. The new piece will pull away from the old. That will make the tear worse. 17 People don’t pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst. The wine will run out, and the wineskins will be destroyed. No, people pour new wine into new wineskins. Then both are saved.”

In the Children’s Ministry, we have undergone a complete paradigm shift as we moved to welcoming families “In Person”. Before the pandemic, most of our volunteer teams served together for 40/52 weeks in the year. Team members developed strong relationships with one another and were able to develop deeper relationships with those kids who came to church regularly. Volunteer teams were composed of experienced brothers & sisters and also those were new to serving children. This was the “Old” way of doing church. Who could imagine a church without Sunday School for kids?

But the interruptions that the pandemic has brought has meant that we could no longer expect volunteers to worship in one service and then serve with children for a different service. Concerns about COVID exposures are legitimate and serving among the kids (who were unvaccinated in the early days) meant that many volunteers were not ready to serve “In Person”. Teams that had served together for many years were suddenly frozen in time and while those who could jumped online to serve kids, it was a big change from what used to be ministry for kids.

Finally, when the time came for us to safely gather together again “In Person” as a church (Sept. 2021), we could only do so according to the specific congregation. So while the various congregations have been able to re-connect “In Person”, for many kids & some youth, they are no longer able to see or be with their peers. Especially as the families are likely to just come to church just once over the week-end. Missions Hour, Age divided Sunday School, Kids’ Worship Team, …these things no longer exist.

Now, in this “New” way of gathering “In Person”, kids are only able to see/connect with those from the same language group or worship service. While we are grateful to be gathering together in any manner, in this “New” format, we are only able to offer Bible Time as one large group of children learning together in which I repeated the same lesson 4 times/week-end until mid-April where it was no longer sustainable. I am forever grateful to our head Deacon (Terence Fong) & the Children’s Ministry Team Leaders/members in all the “In Person” services who sustained and faithfully taught while I was on the leave of absence.

In this “New” way of hosting Bible Time, everything takes longer. Relationships between leaders (who only serve once/month) and kids (who may/may not be coming regularly) are still forming but it all takes more time. Whether it’s on the volunteer level or between kids, relationships are now taking place with face masks in order to keep each other safe. The one thing that has not changed is our desire to point children to God and have them respond to Him in obedience.

In this passage, Jesus reminds us that whether “Old” or “New”, we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. While we are not winemakers, God has called us to make disciples and we can’t just rely on the “Old” ways to accomplish this goal. Forcing the “Old” ways into “New” situations just doesn’t work. We need to continually explore and adjust to “New” ways to share the love of Jesus even while we may not have figured it all out just yet. In fact, this exploration forces us to rely on HIM more and not just on familiar routines or habits. May God continue to show us how to prepare “New WineSkins” for all the “New Wine” that HE has entrusted to us.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Karen Quan




當我們返回“實體”聚會時,兒童事工的模式經歷了徹底的轉變。在疫情大流行之前,我們大多數的義工一年52星期中會一起服侍40 星期。團隊成員彼此建立了牢固的同工關係,並與那些定期回教會聚會的孩子建立了深厚的關係。義工隊員包括經驗豐富和剛開始服事兒童事工的弟兄姊妹。這是建立教會的“舊”模式。有誰能想像一個沒有兒童主日學的教會呢?




在“新” 模式下進行聖經時間,組長(每月事奉一次)和孩子(可能或不可能定期來)之間的關係需要更長時間去建立。無論是事奉團隊或是孩子之間,為了確保彼此的安全,仍然需要配戴口罩。沒有改變的是我們帶領孩子指向上帝並引導他們以順服的心回應祂。




From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Karen Quan

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

2 Tim 3:16-17 (New International Reader’s Version)

16 God has breathed life into all Scripture. It is useful for teaching us what is true. It is useful for correcting our mistakes. It is useful for making our lives whole again. It is useful for training us to do what is right. 17 By using Scripture, the servant of God can be completely prepared to do every good thing.

As previously mentioned, the Online Awana Kids have been focused on this Theme Verse for Sept 2021-June 2022. In Awana, we focus a lot on knowing & reciting the word of God, which reflects that we’ve truly studied & spent time in God’s word. A few more thoughts on this passage….

“It is useful for correcting our mistakes…” or NIV “rebuking”

No one likes to admit or make mistakes but as humans, we are all so limited. Mistakes are a part of our daily lives. Whether it’s trying something for the first time (Eg. making a new food recipe) or (Eg. learning how to treat others), it’s often because of our failures that we are faced with our own shortcomings. Our lives often do not go as planned, but it’s by admitting and growing from our mistakes where scripture can really shape us. When we’re faced with the plain words on the page of our bibles (Eg. Love our neighbors as ourselves — did we really do that?), is the opportunity to re-direct our thoughts, intentions & actions. It is God’s way to transform us more into the likeness of Christ.

“It is useful for making our lives whole again….” or NIV “correcting”

While it’s hard to admit that we make mistakes, the greater purpose beyond recognizing the mistake is to lead to actual change. “Correcting” gives us that chance to fix it & make it right. When we make things right, it can lead to healing and wholeness. I really like how in this Kids’ version of the scripture that this is expressed. That after recognizing the wrong, the point is to lead us to a place of wholeness or completeness. The only One who is truly complete is our God so it makes sense that it’s His Word that can lead us to that place as well. Correction allows us to have a second chance to do it the right way, the way that is in keeping with God’s desire for us to live in honor of him.

May God continue to allow His Word to shape us in this time of Lent, a season of repentance & change in order to truly grow closer to Christ.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Karen Quan






如早前所述,網上基督少年軍「Online Awana Kids」2021 年 9 月至 2022 年 6 月會專注研讀這一段主題經文。基督少年軍非常重視認識和背誦上帝的話語,這樣反映了我們是認真和擺上時間去學習上帝的話語。有關這一段經文的更多的思想…


沒有人喜歡犯錯或承認犯錯,但我們畢竟是人,是如此有限,離不開會犯錯,彷彿這是我們日常生活的一部分。無論是第一次嘗試製作新的食譜,還是學習如何關心和接待別人,往往是因為我們的失敗,我們才認識到自己的不足。我們的生活一般都未必可以百份百按我們的計劃實行,但只要我們承認並從錯誤中成長,這樣,神的話語才可以真正塑造我們。當我們讀到聖經上一些簡單的語句,例如:「愛我們的鄰舍像愛自己一樣」- 我們真的做到嗎?是時候我們找緊機會重新思索我們的思想行為,這是上帝陶造和轉化我們更像基督的途徑。




Fullness of God

Aug 14-15, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Karen Quan

Eph. 3: 17- 19: NIV “….17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, BEING ROOTED AND ESTABLISHED in love, 18 may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and how high and deep is the love of Christ,  19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

It’s been a joy to meditate on this passage since Sept. 2020 with all those in Children’s Ministry & to have celebrated together on the Virtual Awana Awards Nite (June 25, 2021). Some of our leaders even memorized this passage and had their Awana Kids listen to the reciting! Hiding God’s word in our hearts is not only for those under 12.

May the following thoughts from verse 19 be of encouragement to you.

KNOW” What is it to really know someone? Not just know about them, but truly know them deeply and thoroughly? The previous verse reveals the multi directional love of Christ and here we are told to press on and know this love for ourselves. This love of Christ is beyond knowledge. Could it be that we just know about Christ’s love on a superficial level? Or know facts about Christ but have actually missed knowing Him personally? To really KNOW this love is to get personal and to be vulnerable with Christ. To spend time with Him, know His character and strive to understand what motivates Him to love us so.

“FILLED” Have you ever blown a balloon so that it was filled with so much air that you couldn’t add any more? Or eaten so much that you can’t even take one more bite? God’s desire is to fill us with Christ’s love, to fill us just as we will up our cars with gas. And this “filling” isn’t just once and done, it’s continuous. That we would be filled with Christ’s love every moment of each day: every hour, every minute, down to the second! The thought that the boundless love of Christ is offered to limited humans like us is so wonderful. Our God is generous and demonstrates this in the act of filling our hearts to the maximum level so that we are not left wanting or in need.

“FULLNESS OF GOD” As I try to imagine the “Fullness of God”, I picture a cup that is overflowing. Abundance….Surplus… like a fountain that never runs out of water. In memorizing this passage, I use hand gestures to remind myself of each phrase and this section involves God not only filling me with the love that I so need, but going beyond. God’s love is complete and with my human limitations, I’m challenged to think on the limitless & wholeness of God. This leads me to worship Him and give thanks for this great gift of love so freely given to us.

The kids have reflected and expressed their thoughts on this passage through art. Enjoy this link for the Secret Video “Rooted & Established”:


Aug 14-15, 2021

以弗所書 3:17-19:「17使基督藉著你們的信,住在你們心裡,使你們既然在愛中扎根建基,18就能和眾聖徒一同領悟基督的愛是多麼的長闊高深,19並且知道他的愛是超過人所能理解的,使你們被充滿,得著神的一切豐盛。」

從 2020 年 9 月以來我就和兒童事工的所有事奉人員一起思考這段經文,並且與他們在2021年6月25日網上基督少年軍頒獎之夜(Awana Award Night)上一起慶祝,為此我獻上感恩。當中有一些組長甚至背誦並在他們的基督少年軍的孩子面前朗誦了這段經文!將上帝的話語藏在心裡的不僅是適用於 12 歲以下的人,是每一位弟兄姊妹都可以也應該做到。願以以下第 19 節的分享,彼此勉勵。

「知道」– 要如何才是真正知道某人?不是單單知道他們,而是真正深入完全認識他們?上一節揭示了基督的愛是何等的長濶高深,接著保羅告訴我們要認識並持守這一份愛。基督的愛是超越知識層面的。我們斷然不能只是在知識層面上認識基督的愛?或者知道一些有關於基督的事蹟,但實際上卻沒有親身認識祂?真正認識這份愛是需要透過自身的經歷,並完全倚靠祂才能夠掌握。需要用時間去經歷,領略祂的屬性以及努力了解是什麼促使祂如此愛我們。

「充滿」– 你曾否吹過氣球,把它吹脹到一個程度沒有辦法再吹多一點氣進去?或者你吃得太飽到一個程度沒有辦法再吞下更多的食物?上帝的心意就是把基督的愛充滿我們,這種「充滿」不是一次性的,就像給汽車加油一樣,是需要持續的。我們每一天、每一分、每一秒都被基督的愛充滿!基督無限的愛給我們有限的人是何等奇妙。我們的上帝是如此慷慨,讓祂的愛充滿我們每一個人的內心,以至我們不會有缺乏。

「神的豐盛」– 當我試圖想像「神的豐盛」時,就像是一個滿溢的杯子。豐足…滿溢…..就像一個永不止息的噴泉。在背誦這段經文時,我用手勢提醒自己每一節經文,上帝給我的愛不僅是我所需要的,並是多而又多。我不斷思想上帝的無限和完全,相比之下我看見了自己的有限,這促使我要敬拜祂,並且為祂白白將這份偉大的愛賜給我而不住的讚美。


how wide, how long, how high, how deep

Apr 24-25, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Karen Quan

Eph. 3: 17- 19: NIV “….17so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, BEING ROOTED AND ESTABLISHED in love, 18may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and how high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

As mentioned in my contribution in Jan. 2021, the entire Children’s Ministry has been focusing on this passage for the entire ministry year. Here are some thoughts related to Eph. 3:18.

“POWER” What is our idea of power? These days, I can feel powerless to the constant changing of COVID measures & resulting impact. But this passage reminds me that with Christ dwelling in our hearts, we do have power – the power of God’s love through the Holy Spirit! And this power isn’t only within me, but is also in the lives of “all the saints” which are fellow believers. I have experienced this power through prayer, whether on Zoom Calls in Breakout Rooms or praying as an individual alongside others who are many kilometres from where I am, I have been knowing this power in increasing measure. This power from the Holy Spirit has been fueling my inner life, particularly with regards to the difficult and hard news of loss, heartache and things that are beyond my ability to bear.

“WIDE”…spanning from East to West …… “LONG”..stretching endlessly….. “HIGH” …moving in an upwards direction…
“DEEP”…going down to the depths of the ocean/earth………The arrows in the image above help me to see that it basically reflects in every single direction possible… “IS THE LOVE OF CHRIST” ….. It’s no wonder that the author uses the term “to grasp”… how can I grab hold of this idea? It’s like trying to get my arms around an enormous package…no matter which way I try to hold onto the box, I just can’t get a solid grip!

This multi-directional love of Christ, is generously offered to me, if only I could have a good hold or have my hands solidly capture this incredible love. And the most shocking little word that ties all of these directions together….. AND……which appears not once but 4 times in this verse. Could it be to reference the 4 directions? All I know is that it leads me to think upon the limitlessness of such love.

While we are called to be physically apart during this pandemic, may we each richly experience this all encompassing love of Christ. AND then having it take hold in our hearts, move out of our comfortable circles to share it with others in new and creative ways…..


Apr 24-25, 2021



「力量(能)」-我們對力量的概念是什麼呢?這一段日子,對新冠疫情的措施不斷變改及帶來的影響,我感到無能為力。但是這段經文提醒我,基督住在我們心裡,我們確實擁有力量-透過聖靈是上帝的愛的力量!這種力量不僅住在我心裡,還內住在「所有聖徒」即眾信徒的生命裡面。我透過禱告體驗了這種力量,無論是在「互聯網小組祈禱(Zoom Call Breakout Room)」,或是我與遠方的弟兄姊妹一起禱告時,我都越來越體驗到這種力量。尤其是在困苦、憂傷、和超越自己能力可以承擔的困局的時候,來自聖靈的這種力量不斷為我內在的生命「加油」。




From the Pastor’s Desk

Jan 02-03, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Karen Quan

(Eph. 3:17-19) NIV “….so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, BEING ROOTED AND ESTABLISHED in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and how high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”

Since Sept. 2020, all the children from Nursery – Gr. 6 have been focusing weekly on this one phrase “Being Rooted and Established”. While we are apart physically, our desire was to grow in maturity in this theme together as a ministry. Reminding and pointing one another to Christ’s love. Here are some thoughts related to this growing theme.

“BEING” – We are human beings and not human doings. Prior to COVID, we’ve all been guilty of trying to fit in too much activity. The focus on doing or achieving often leads us to believe that we only have value when we produce. This current time of being apart focuses us on doing less outside our homes but are we aware of our sense of being or the state of our souls? Taking time to be still in God’s presence and revel in His being allows all people, younger and older, to wonder at His magnificence.

“Rooted” – What are we rooted in? Do we have deepening roots in God’s word or prayer? Prior to COVID, our excuse was that we do not have time. But now that we do have it, how do we spend it? What are we consumed with? Even the babies as young as 18 months are responding in the Zoom Nursery by hand motions of reaching deep into the pretend soil. We’ve been encouraging the older kids that as they spend time memorizing for Awana, they are actually rooting themselves in scripture. And as they are reciting to their parents at home, we pray that it is rooting the whole family in truth. Maybe this is the time to read the bible on a regular basis? Perhaps consider committing to a Bible Reading Plan or even another translation of the bible over 2021?

“Established” – As the roots dig deep and stabilize a tree, so is our hope as believers to mature & flourish. From upside down hands to outward stretching motions, we’ve been encouraging the kids to live out the love of Christ that has been so generously given to us. Stemming from the deep love that Christ gives, acts of love can overflow from us into the world. Some of the ways that this has been expressed by kids has been drawing pictures, sending messages, calling those who are isolated, expressing love to grandparents from a distance…. What about ourselves? Have we been still enough to hear God through scripture? And being transformed by His word, do we move to live it out? Are we obedient to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to respond in order to experience true transformation?

I’m struck by the little word “AND” in this phrase. We’re called to a combination of grounding ourselves in scripture and expressing His love for all to see. The hidden work of the roots underground works in partnership with the growth that is above ground for all to experience. They work hand in hand. God is using this time in our kids in many ways and there’s still more to come. As 2021 begins, we will focus on vs. 18 (Jan-March) and vs. 19 (April-June). I look forward to what the Lord will show us as a community and how it will allow us to grow deeper in God’s love.

Pastor Karen Quan


Jan 02-03, 2021



存活」(BEING) – 我們是人,不是為工作而存活的人。在新冠疫症之前,我們都錯誤地將許多的活動放在我們的時間表裡面。我們將焦點放在工作或成就,引領我們相信,只有當我們有生產能力,我們才有價值。目前的限聚令促使我們減少外出活動,但是我們會否檢視自己存活的意義或屬靈的狀況?讓我們把時間留給神,享受與神同在的憩息,察驗祂的偉大全能。

扎根」(ROOTED) – 我們扎根於什麼?我們是否扎根在神的話語或禱告裡?在新冠疫症之前,我們常常用沒有時間為藉口,但現在我們有的是時間,我們如何渡過?我們如何運用我們的時間?甚至只有18個月大的嬰兒,都會在網上幼兒班在螢幕前作出回應用手模擬深入泥土。我們一直鼓勵基督少年軍(Awana)的學員背誦聖經,實際上是要叫他們扎根於聖經。當他們在家裡與父母背誦時,盼望神讓整個家庭也同時扎根於聖經的真理當中。也許是時候我們要習慣定期閱讀聖經了?可以考慮在2021年參加《聖經閱讀計劃》,甚至閱讀不同譯本的聖經?

建基」(建造)(ESTABLISHED) – 當樹的根部深入泥土可以穩固一棵樹,同樣作為信徒的我們盼望屬靈生命成長和發旺。我們從不同的方法和方向,一直鼓勵孩子們要活出基督的愛,這份愛如此慷慨的送給我們,我們要用行動去回應,把基督這份深厚的愛傾流到世界。孩子們會用各樣方式來表達這份愛,包括繪畫、發送短訊,打電話問候那些被分隔的家人朋友,向遠方的祖父母表達愛意…。那我們呢?我們是否有閱讀聖經聆聽上帝的話語?有否被祂的話語陶造,被祂感動並且活出基督的愛?我們有否順從聖靈的指引作出回應以致經歷真正的改變?

這短句中的「」(AND) 激發我的思想。神呼召我們扎根於聖經,向所有人彰顯祂的愛。正如一棵樹,根部隱藏在地下,與地面上的樹幹合伙工作,它們手牽手合作,一同經歷成長。上帝在這段時間及未來的日子,以各式各樣的方法使用我們的孩子,傳揚祂的大愛。2021年即將到臨,我們將聚焦研讀18節(1至3月)及19節(4至6月)。期待主向我們展示,以致我們作為主內一個群體,能夠在主的愛裡更加彼此相愛。