Nov 11/12, 2023

From the Pastors’ Desk: Pastor Karen Quan

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Gen 1: 14-15 (The Message)

“God spoke: “Lights! Come out! Shine in Heaven’s sky! Separate Day from Night. Mark seasons and days and years, Lights in Heaven’s sky to give light to Earth.” And there it was.”

The beauty of the fall colors are always my favorite time of the year. We are truly blessed to experience the variations of all 4 seasons in Canada. Ironically, the beauty of the colors of the leaves originate from the process of their death. As the leaves change color, they will eventually fall to the ground in preparation and waiting for winter. Only the mighty Evergreens can keep their needles & branches full.

So while these maple trees are preparing for more, we too as a church family are in a specific season. Our season is one of leadership transitions. A time where we have lots of questions and few solid answers. What does a Transitional Pastor and Transitional Coach look like? How will they assist us as a church family? When will they come to us?

Scripture tells us that seasons were always part of God’s design. From the time of creation in Genesis, God has “Marked” the start and end of a day, a year & groups our seasons. A way for us to delineate & trace God’s goodness in having a time for all things.

Waiting is always hard but waiting allows for an aspect of being quiet. Only as we are quiet, are we able to see & hear more clearly from our God. A time where we may be quietly & actively praying for ourselves and our church. A time where we continue to wait in obedience before the Lord as He unfolds what’s best for us. We can be quietly & prayerfully looking to see God at work. Who might God be shaping us to be during this special time? Are there people in need that we can be caring for or serving even now? We can be actively inviting God to mature and grow in faith as we wait for a new leader. We can actively consider and remove those attitudes that keep us apart from God. We can seek to do more inner work: self-reflection, review and re-alignment to God. As a church family, it’s a season to wait expectantly before God.

During this time we can be asking God to increase our faith in His good & perfect plans (Jer. 29:11). Invite him to focus our eyes increasingly on Him and not on human plans or strategies. A time where we can mature in trust while He quietly works and provides for us while we wait for Him to lead us into a new chapter.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Karen Quan