Sep 11-12, 2021
From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Mark Liu

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

It is by God’s Grace that I have the opportunity to use this forum to share my thought.

In my last sharing, I share with you about the essence in God’s creation, that is, the importance is not creation itself but the purpose of creation.   Because we see wisdom through the purpose of creation. This wisdom is God Himself. He created everything in order and there is a purpose behind creation, not a random formation, but there is wisdom behind.

In the entire creation, human creation is perceived as the prime of the entire creation. However, I am curious about how the Bible describes the seventh day, because the Bible says that God has rested. Why would God need rest? What does it mean to rest? In our understanding, resting means the one is tired. If God is tired, it means that God is limited because He can be tired. Is that true?

It turns out that in the Bible, “rested” represents presence. In other words, when all creations have been created, God chooses to be with the creations at this time. This is the meaning of “rested” in the Bible. It is not that God is tired, but that God chooses to be with us. The presence of God marks the beginning of all creation to operate according to the original intent of creation. In other words, the presence of God is the beginning of everything. Every time we think about creation, the last day is when God rests. In fact, the seventh day, the day God rests is the beginning of everything, because God chooses to be with all creation, and all creation begins to function accordingly.

If we look at it this way, then we understand the true meaning of Sabbath.  God tells us to keep the Sabbath, not because He wants us to do nothing, but to commemorate God’s presence, to praise God and to enjoy God’s presence. This is worship. Sabbath-keeping is not about doing nothing, but glorifying God and enjoying His presence. Our worship should demonstrate this. Worship itself is not a ritual, but to be with other brothers and sisters to sing and glorify God. Of course, praising and glorifying God does not only happen at a specific time, as there should be a heart of worship at all times. However, we must have time to be separated so that we can enjoy the presence of God. This is the meaning of worship. We are moved and encouraged through the presence of God so that we can continue to live as God’s people in the world.

We are currently working hard to prepare to return to church, with the goal of bringing brothers and sisters together to worship God in person. This kind of worship is needed. Worship helps us remember who we are. We are God’s people, and we are God’s children. The church provides a place for us to enjoy His presence. This is the meaning of returning to church. Worship is not what God needs, but we need. Through worship, we enjoy God’s presence, receive His encouragement and teaching, and then continue to bear witness to His name in the world.

Pastor Mark Liu