May 7/8, 2022

From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Alex Poon

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Have you ever been on a long drive? It’s wonderful, of course for those of us who aren’t affected by motion sickness.

Going on long drives reminds me of James’ exhortation for the Church. “Be doers of the Word, and not just hearers only” (James 1:22).

How do we become doers of the Word? First, it involves the deep and consistent work of understanding the Word of God. Before we may respond to Scriptures, our minds must first comprehend the Scriptures.

And to do this, long journeys in a car remind me of three similarities between a road trip and meditating on God’s Word to us.

Both, ask us to (1) slow down to soak in the scenery, (2) be intelligent to understand the task at hand, (3) grow in patience, so we may find joy.

Slow down and soak in the scenery.

Slow down on your road trip so you may shift your gaze from not only what is in front of you – but all around you. Like a drive through the deep forest – did you see that birds nest way up high? Did you notice the bright sun in how its light hit the treetops?

Slow down as you receive the Word of God. Scriptures doesn’t only give us words of comfort, or the words we are longing to hear… it gives us an argument, a reasoning, a logic – how can we understand the train of thought when we don’t take time to ponder?

Did you notice the nuance of the Biblical authors, in how they used the most descriptive expressions to call attention to this one specific aspect of our glorious Creator? Did you see the fine-tuned word that is written to tune our hearts to His? Did you pace yourself – just enough – to see the majestic detail hidden in the author’s language?

Did you give yourself time to admire, to be mesmerized, so that your heart may be moved?

Be intelligent to understand the task at hand.

The pathway towards worship in our hearts begins first with our minds.

On the Emmaus Road, when Jesus finally revealed himself to those he was walking with, the men asked each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us?” (Luke 24:32). Every disciple of Jesus wants to feel something with God. And to light their hearts ablaze; Jesus opened the Scriptures to them, interpreting it all for them. Their touched hearts started first with their minds.

So, follow the logic behind each thought. Bring your intelligence into the task of reading Scriptures, and let the reason evoke your mind.

Grow in patience so we may find joy.

Patience is a virtue we all need. When we prayerfully and thoughtfully take lingering step after step towards the heart of God, we will know what He says to us, and how He says it.

And with the aiding of the indwelling Spirit who proclaims the truth of God to us, we will feel His presence so near to us, and joy in worship will arise.

His Servant
Pastor Alex Poon