From the Pastor’s Desk:Rev. Simon Lee

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Early last year (2021) our dear co-worker, Rev. Matthew Wong (王允志牧師)wrote “March to Paradise (邁向神的樂園)” when he knew his days on earth were ending. These are his last words:

Good bye to my dear wife-lover, daughters and sons in law, grandsons and granddaughters, relatives, brothers and sisters, coworkers, friends, May we meet again in paradise where we can enjoy eternal life together. Amen.🙏

I still remember at his burial, because we were still at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were only 10 people allowed, all from his family, to say good-bye. It was an occasion where everyone there were sad to bid farewell, but the sorrow was very restrained because we all knew that it was more like “See you” and that one day we will reunite with great joy in heaven. Maranatha!

Shortly before the passing of Matthew, I was blessed to have opportunities to meet with Matthew and Stella. I was so touched that there were only two things he kept emphasizing. The first being, whatever the outcome of his sickness, he wanted the name of Christ be glorified. The second was that the ministries that he was involved in in his last few years would continue. His heart was always on glorifying God and furthering His Kingdom, as he knew he was marching to paradise. God is indeed glorified through the amazing testimony of faith of Matthew. Praise the Lord!

Rev. Matthew Wong was involved with two major areas of ministries: the Mandarin ministries of RCAC, and the short-term mission to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are so thankful that the first “wish” (prayer) he had is being fulfilled in Rev. Mark Liu, ordained on September 11. Since Mark took over the Mandarin ministries, the work has continued to grow steadily in both numbers and quality, most recently with five brothers and sisters being baptized on Thanksgiving Sunday.  Also, he is responding to the Macedonian Call from Tsawwassen and doing outreach ministries at Tsawwassen Alliance Church. Praise the Lord!

The second major ministry of Matthew was the short-term mission to Malaysia. Malaysia is a Muslim country, and it is very hard to do Christian ministries there. But Matthew and Stella had established a ministry there in actively helping the pastors there to strengthen the three young Alliance Churches. The mother Church in Puchung has recently bought by faith an adjourning building to extend their work there. Matthew further helped to do evangelistic and discipleship work at an outpost, Kuala Lipis (立卑), to build up a small church there. The church which is built in a low-lying area is flooded often and needs to be rebuilt on higher ground. The people there in all these places remember with fondness the dedicated service of Matthew and Stella. Praise the Lord!

Right now the team, Stella Wong, Katherine Yeo, Lydia Lee and me, are engaged in a short-term mission work in Malaysia (Oct 27 to Nov 4). We want to assure the people that we have not forgotten them and reassure them that RCAC will continue to support their ministry there. For Stella Wong it is especially meaningful for her to return there to see Matthew’s work continue to prosper there. Please pray for us.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Simon Lee