From the Pastor’s Desk: Rev Collins Kung

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Richmond Chinese Alliance Church was established on June 12, 1977. A group of brothers and sisters from Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church had the vision of planting a church in Richmond. By the grace of God, RCAC celebrates its 45th anniversary.

With the growing population of Richmond, today RCAC has developed into a trilingual church. Under the leadership of Rev. Simon Lee, we have 9 pastoral staff and 2 office staff. There are 5 worship congregations. As the pandemic gradually subsided, the number of people comes back to in-person services at church has gradually increased, and the number of newcomers joining our worship services has been increasing.

I came to RCAC 31 years ago in 1991. After the June 4th Incident in 1989, there was a crisis of confidence as to future of Hong Kong, and a wave of immigrants emerged. Under this atmosphere, I emigrated from Hong Kong to Canada and live in Vancouver.  RCAC is my spiritual home and I become a member of this big family. Later, I followed God’s calling, I dedicated myself and received theological training, and joined the pastoral team in 2008. In those days, the sanctuary was full of worshippers during worship services and fellowship meetings flourished. Later in January 1992, with the encouragement by our previous Senior Pastor Rev. David Ng, we started the Saturday Noon Worship Service and it continues until now.

By the grace of God, the church has continuously been growing, and the brothers and sisters has been very passionate for evangelism. During those days, I also received the Evangelism Explosion III training, and followed the evangelism team to visit the community from house to house to spread the gospel to them. I also witnessed the development of the church planting ministry of the RCAC family. Within the past 31 years, we witnessed four Alliance Churches established in Richmond.  We have planted North Richmond Alliance Church, Richmond Grace Alliance Church and Richmond Faith Alliance Church, and the North Richmond Alliance Church has further planted the Richmond Capstan Alliance Church.  We all adhere to the core value of The Alliance Family, i.e. Deeper Life and Evangelism & Mission. That’s what the church here for. On one hand, we praise and worship God; on the other hand, we witness the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, to bring the lost soul into the Kingdom of the Lord.

With the arrival of a new wave of immigrants from Hong Kong, the RCAC family is ready to welcome them. The attendants of our Saturday night AYAYA Worship Service has been increasing, as well as the children and young people, we ask the Lord to provide His servants to us to look after these people . In addition, the Mandarin ministries have started a disciple training ministry. During the outreach ministry on the last Mother’s Day, we found that there are many Chinese living in the Tsawwassen areas. We hope that we can plant a church in this area in the near future. Adhering to the vision of The Alliance Family, inheriting the past and opening up the future.

On this great day of the 45th anniversary celebration, may we all remember the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus. Don’t forget the purpose of our existence, let RCAC continue to be a bright lampstand, amen!

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Collins Kung