From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Mark Liu

Dear brothers and sisters of RCAC,

Hello brothers and sisters, it is by God’s Grace that I have the opportunity to share with you some of the thoughts I have received from God.

This week’s theme is about the Great Commission. This was commanded by our Lord Jesus before He returned to the heavenly home. This is our mission. As for the Mandarin Ministry, thank God for giving us the opportunity to participate in this great commission.

I remember that in February of this year, I talked with my wife about whether we could carry out some gospel work in Tsawwassen. Afterwards, we prayed, and we felt that this was a good opportunity for our ministry to go out and directly participate in the work of the gospel. I shared this idea with Pastor Simon and gained his support. I also learned that in his heart, he had always hoped to have the opportunity to bring the gospel to this place. I believe this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Carrying out the work of the gospel requires the partnership of a local church. I was reminded of Pastor Matthew Wong, because he told me before that he wanted to take me to visit Tsawwassen Alliance Church (TAC), hoping to build a relationship with the church. With Pastor Simon’s encouragement, I called the church and contacted the church’s senior pastor, Pastor Cory Anderson. I shared with him the vision and expressed the wish that Pastor Simon and I could visit him. Coincidentally, Pastor Cory mentioned to us that he also has a vision to encourage brothers and sisters in his church to participate in the Great Commission. However, what he did not expect was that a Chinese Alliance church would take the initiative to contact him about the ministry of evangelism. God’s work is truly beyond our imagination.

With the support from Pastor Cory, I immediately discussed the details with two interns (Reuben and Phoebe), and at the same time, shared this idea with Pastor Ming. What a surprise is that a couple who participated in Pastor Ming’s church also planned to move to Tsawwassen. They were contemplating about whether God’s intention was for them to participate in evangelism work in Tsawwassen. All of these are prepared by God. We participate in it and find that God has already prepared everything we need well in advance, and when the time is right, everything will be revealed to us. It is not what we can do for the Lord, but the Lord invites us to experience Him so that we can taste the joy of working with Him.

We will hold a Mother’s Day event at TAC on 5.7, hoping to attract the Chinese living in the local area. Through origami and calligraphy, we hope that we can get in touch with the Chinese living in the local area. You’ll find a poster for this event at RCAC. RCAC is a blessed church, and we need to bring this blessing to the place where God leads. Hope you can pray for this event. I would also like to express my special thanks to the Board of Elders for their support. May the name of the Lord be exalted and be glorified.

His Servant
Pastor Mark Liu