From the Pastor’s Desk: Pastor Jeanie Auyeung

There are several hard to forget moments in my life, which I call them the “traffic lights” given to me by God.

When I was in Saskatchewan in 1988, on a midsummer night, the temperature in Saskatchewan that year was 40 degrees! I was sleeping in a very hot room, even the electric fan was blowing “hot air”, and I really felt that I could hardly bear the heat.

When I couldn’t sleep, a question suddenly appeared in my heart: When you just set foot in Canada a few months ago, you followed your classmates to a church in Calgary to attend worship and adult Sunday school classes, the pastor of that church invited me to serve there after graduating seminary, but after prayers, God showed me a red light instead of a green light, so I declined their invitation. Now, you also declined the invitation of the Saskatoon Church because it was not God’s leading. I asked myself: “Why did you close the door when the road is opened? How do you go ahead?” Suddenly, my heart sank! God’s comfort came immediately: Peter sank because of the strong wind and waves. The Lord said: “Don’t worry, it’s me, I am here!” Why lack of faith? I immediately opened the Bible to read. Yes, the Lord will go with me all the way, He will lead me!

During the two years of serving as a pastor on a voluntary basis at the Saskatoon Church, God provided everything needed, and I lacked nothing. God has proven to me He is faithful. God also used a hymn: “God, you are in control” to speak to me: “God you are in charge, in time and space, and everything is in your hand!” I continued in singing and submitted myself to God: “God, my life is in your hand, God, I know You will prepare for me, no matter gain or loss, I just want you to guide me!”

Two years later, just as I was about to leave Saskatoon Church and return to Prairie Bible Seminary to continue studies, several churches sent me invitations. I prayed but God’s leading for all the invitations were red lights instead of green. Not long after I returned to my study, I received a phone call from RCAC inviting me to serve at their church, but I turned it down at first, because God gave me the green light to continue my study. There is no shadow of changing in Him. Later, the church called me again, saying that I would not come to serve until I graduated, so I prayed seriously for this. Finally, after much prayer, I saw the green light that God would allow me, and so I accepted the invitation then. Times flies, it has been so many years since I am learning to serve God in this church!

To recall the Bible verse of God’s calling in my life: “I did not prove disobedient to the heavenly vision.” God’s calling is still clear in my heart. God did not give me the blueprint for my whole life, but He always leads me step by step. As the hymn says:
“Then trust in God through all thy days;
Fear not, for He doth hold thy hand;
Though dark thy way, still sing and praise,
Sometime, sometime, we’ll understand”

This is what I have learned from my walk with God these past years: just rely on the Lord the rest of my life, the Lord is always faithful. Although there are many things that are still unclear, I can be at ease. Even if I cannot understand everything in this life, I will wait until the day l stand in front of God’s throne, then all things will be clear.